Busy Mom? Then This Healthy Meal Delivery Is a Must Try

Chelsea Charles Tries Terra's Kitchen Meal Delivery Service Via Count Me Healthy

Recently I tried Terra’s Kitchen, a wholefood delivery service focused on bringing back the experience of homemade, family dinners. I had been wanting to try a meal service for a while, especially now I’m in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Some days the thought of going to the grocery store in the 100 degree Charlotte heat with my toddler, then both prepping and cooking dinner is beyond unpalatable. Terra’s Kitchen allows you to order fresh, pre-portioned, pre-chopped meals all designed…

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Third Trimester Tips to Feeling Your Best When At Your Biggest

3rd Trimester Pregnancy Tips for looking your best at your biggest via Count Me Healthy

Looking back at pregnancy photos I remember thinking I was large when each was taken. Nope. I am LARGE now. Almost 35 weeks large and the baby is supposed to grow an entire inch this week! These last few weeks are exciting, scary and can mess with your emotions. Not only does your body seem foreign, but you may feel scattered with the anticipation of delivery looming. Plus you are out of the honeymoon stage of the 2nd trimester and…

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Pregnancy Workout Tips to Help You Stay Fit All Trimesters

Pregnancy Workout Tips & Essentials To Help Stay Toned All Trimesters

Yesterday I hit 30 weeks in my pregnancy and the temp outside in Charlotte, North Carolina hit a whopping 104 degrees. My huge belly combined with the weather is making it difficult to breath let alone feel motivated to put on a sports bra and workout. But I’m making a consistent effort to exercise 4-6 times a week. Ever since I hit the third trimester I use the term “exercise” loosely because some days I may only get 20 minutes…

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Healthy Chocolate Chia Pudding

chocolate chia parfait

I don’t know what it is with me lately, but I have an overwhelming sweet tooth. Like an addict I have to sit on my hands not to reach into the clear, finger-print smudged cake dome that houses my son’s occasional treats like his chocolate, butter cream frosted birthday cupcakes or banana bread that I made so the sad, browning bananas wouldn’t go to waste. I recently pulled the Halloween candy out of the garage freezer because my chocolate cravings…

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Becoming Mom in 24 Hours by Guest Author Prima Dailey

Becoming a Mom in 24 Hours via Count Me Healthy

Being that my big belly and I have officially wobbled into the third trimester yesterday at 28 weeks, I have been consumed with preparation for the upcoming birth of my second child. What can I reuse from my first pregnancy? What was unnecessary? What do I need to replace? What would I do differently? and the largest looming question, “what if my bundle comes early?” Below guest author, Prima Dailey, tells her unique story on becoming a mother, not just…

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How to Survive (and Thrive!) When Your Partner Travels Weekly

How to Survive and Thrive When Your Partner Travels Weekly by Chelsea Charles

We just came off such an amazing family weekend with BBQs, pool time and working in the yard. Hope you had a relaxing one and your week is off to a great start. I wanted to talk about a question close to my heart that I know lots of women ask themselves: how do I consistently keep it all together when my husband or partner travels weekly? And really it shouldn’t just be searching for how to “keep it together”…

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