The Power of Inspiring Friends + Win Journal Bracelets for Yourself and Bestie


I was reading an interview with Ashley Tinsdale in Health Magazine and it got me thinking about the importance of recognizing friends’ wins.  She mentioned recently having dinner with her girlfriends and it turned into an impromptu celebration of their accomplishments. What a cool idea and great excuse for a night out! Getting together to celebrate wins…big and small. It could be sticking with a fitness or healthy eating plan, finishing a 10k, learning a new skill, landing a project at work or just celebrating your friend’s amazing way of multi-tasking while living a balanced life. Cheers to that!

Chelsea Charles

As we get older it gets harder to focus any time on ourselves, so it’s nice when a friend recognizes that we’ve been working hard on bettering our lives. Just because we have commitments doesn’t mean we should stop dreaming. So friends are kind of like dream catchers…

dream catcher

And if you can’t physically see each other to celebrate, it’s easier than ever to give props via social media. It takes two seconds to leave a positive comment on someone’s post they feel proud about and it will probably make their day.

So as a way to show your friend you care and that she’s inspiring to you, I’m running a Most Inspiring Friend Contest. Win a Count Me Healthy journal bracelet of your choice along with a bracelet for that friend who motivates you by example. Using the bracelets as wearable motivation and mindfulness was the main reason I created them and it’s a nice gift to keep your friend’s goals top-of-mind as well. Enter Below. I’ll announce the winner on our facebook page June 24th. Good luck! – xx CC

photography courtesy of Lindsay Napiorkowski

Most Inspiring Friend Contest! Win a Count Me Healthy Journal Bracelet for You and a Friend


  1. Briana Prestininzi says

    I had my very best friend of 23 years pass away from small cell cervical cancer back in April of this year. She may not be here but she still inspires me daily with her presence that still surrounds me and the inspiration she left behind. We still crlebrate each other just in a different way!!!


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