7 Weight Loss Hacks For Busy Moms

7 Weight Loss Hacks for Busy Moms via Count Me Healthy

As a mom do you often feel like you don’t have enough time for anything; even normal bodily functions like chewing properly or getting to go to the bathroom in peace? When you can’t even make time for the basics, how can you possibly focus on a healthy, toned self? Does it feel overwhelming? I’m experiencing mom guilt at this very moment because I’m writing this post instead of working on my business or managing my brood. But it’s important for me to share because it’s a…

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Fit Girls’ Valentine’s Gift Guide

Count Me Healthy Fit Girls' Valentine's Gift Guide

If you are the type of girl who prefers flower-patterned track leggings to a bouquet, or cringes at the thought of receiving a box of chocolates after sweating your behind off at a barre class, I’ve curated some unconventional Valentine’s Day gift ideas you’ll love. Stylish, pretty finds to use all year long, including two studio-to-street jewelry styles from my Valentine’s Collection. – xx CC Fit Girls’ Valentine’s Gift Guide #taken 14k gold-filled Love Tag necklace at Chelsea Charles ….

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5 Ways to Jump Start WEIGHT LOSS For The New Year Without Stepping Into a Gym by Susie Rahaim

Susie Rahaim New Year New You for Count Me Healthy

5 Ways to Jump Start WEIGHT LOSS for the New Year Without Stepping Into a Gym. The New Year is here and I have personally declared this to be my best year yet! A New Year is a great time to start fresh with new DREAMS and GOALS.   If you are looking to try a different approach to getting healthy this year than I have some great ideas for you! We all know that consistent clean eating and exercise…

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Combining Beauty & Awareness: New Love Tag Puzzle Piece Necklace For Autism

Chelsea Charles Love Tag Puzzle Piece Necklace for Autism Speaks

As I’m writing this my 2 1/2 month old son, Brody, is letting me know he wants nothing to do with the whole tummy-time gig. So he’s now on my lap (as I type one-handed) bringing me back to where my ultimate priority sits. This is kind of a metaphor for holiday time too. Ultimately it’s about family, despite the 1,000 things we are supposed to do as adults during Christmas season. I am excited to share my new Love…

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The Gift of Gratitude

Chelsea Charles Count Me Healthy Blog on Gratitude

Being that Thanksgiving is around the corner and the holiday craziness has started, I wanted to pause for a sec to talk about gratitude. Gratitude is a profoundly powerful tool that we all need to use more often. In fact there is a direct correlation between the simple act of giving thanks and having a happy life. Researchers say it improves your relationships and even helps your heart. Truth is, with caring for a 2-month old, a toddler, managing a…

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Skinny Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Skinny pumpkin pie ice cream

Since it’s pumpkin season, here is one of my favorite healthy fall desserts. I like to use bananas as a base for my skinny ice creams because they lend a really creamy texture without the dairy fat. It is delicious, dairy-free, paleo and the perfect frozen treat no matter what eating plan you are currently on (21-Day Fixers, this includes you). Skinny Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream: GF, Paleo, Dairy-Free, Vegan | Makes 5 Servings Ingredients: 3 ripe bananas sliced. Make…

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