6 Simple Morning Rituals for a Better You

6 Simple Morning Rituals for a Better You Spring & Chelsea

Lots of change happening lately, which is why I haven’t posted in forever. My husband has a new, incredible job and we are beyond excited. The position includes weekly travel so we are trying to find our footing with schedules. Couple this with my nanny (who is like a grandmother to Camden) retiring and trying to find childcare and I’m like a deer in headlights. Every day I wish I could click my heels and transplant my parents to Charlotte. If you live near your mom and she helps with the kids, take a moment and tell her thank you for all she does for you.

I’ve adopted some morning rituals which have made a positive difference in how I handle life/work balance. They set the vibe for the day. Small practices with big impact. And I understand that every woman has a unique schedule, so while reading this consider the best time in the morning for you.

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Ready to start the work day in a positive way?

My Six Simple Morning Rituals

Wake up earlier: The magic happens before the sun/son rises. I used to wake up at 7:30, but that extra hour and a half before Camden gets up is priceless to me. I also try to go to bed an hour earlier than I used to.

Drink a huge glass of water: Have you ever left food out on the counter overnight to find it dehydrated and nasty in the morning? Think about what going 7 hours without water does to your skin! Some days I go the extra mile and drink hot water with lemon (it’s supposed to help rid toxins), but usually all I bring myself to do at 5:30 is sip tepid water from the fridge tap. I drink it while my coffee is brewing.

Take your vitamins: While drinking my water, I might as well take the vitamins I don’t need with food. Vitamins like Collagen (I use Youtheory), and antioxidants like Tumeric (I use New Chapter Tumeric Force).  Even though it is a small thing, taking vitamins is doing something “For You” and gives your subconscious a little push to make your wellness a priority.

Positive thought through prose:  Next to our coffee pot I have two tiny books I read daily while the coffee is brewing. 28 Days to a More Magnetic Life by Sandra Anne Taylor and Daily Word, a monthly Unity Publication. 28 Days breaks up each day into an Intention, Reflection and Affirmation with topics like Letting Go of Lack, Optimism, Personal Purpose, and Appreciation. I have read this same book on and off since 2011 and replaced it 3 times because of wear. Honestly, I think I know it by heart. The Daily Word is a compilation of one-page Christ focused affirmations. Taking just a couple minutes to read these books makes me thankful and focused on life’s bigger picture. I included these books in my recent guest post about mindfulness for the fantastic lifestyle blog, Ohsodelicioso’s Healthy Mama Series.

Inspirational Reads from Spring and Chelsea

Counter Stretch: Are you able to stretch like Cirque Du Sol  later in the day but find it hard to even touch your toes when you wake up? I do. A combination of how I sleep (curled up in a ball) and let’s face it…I’m getting older. Stretching shouldn’t be practiced just before or after exercise. Take 5 minutes to stretch at the beginning of every day. Mentally frame it as your entire day is exercise and here is your warm-up. I do simple lengthening stretches where I really reach with opposing forces, like reaching both arms out to the sides and then up to the sky as far as I can. After reaching up, do a couple roll-downs where I roll forward slowly, touching my ankles, and then roll up one vertebra at a time. I also do a few minutes of Tracy Anderson standing ab exercises (if you saw me doing this in the morning you would laugh, but it yields results).

Notice I didn’t list working out as part of my AM routine because I just can’t seem to make it fit consistently with my schedule and I’m not going to expand on  something I don’t do personally. I get my workout on in the afternoon.

List it: Where would we be without list apps?! I start the day by making & cleaning up my to-do lists. My favorite is Wunderlist. It can be divided into different categories like Work, Groceries, Kids, School, etc. The lists can be published and shared and each item on the list can be broken down further by due date, reminder, subtask and notes. Also, when a task is complete it makes a pleasant chime sound signaling I’VE ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING! A victory bell. I have a home office so usually I sit at my desk, go through my paperwork and add the to-dos associated with it to Wunderlist. Also, if you are a woman who cannot sleep because your mind is always running, thinking of what has gone undone from the day prior or what you MUST DO IMMEDIATELY in the morning lest the world ends, then use Wunderlist by your bedside. If something is keeping you up, just add it to your list and address in the AM.

Do you have morning rituals you swear by? I’d love to hear them. Great energy your way today. – xx CC



  1. Kathie Lorenzo says

    So happy for the new job situation! You are always so positive and focused – you’ll quickly find your best path. I, too start my day with a daily affirmation and stretching. I also have started to offer each day for the good of a person or situation I know of. I will dedicate tomorrow (Saturday 2-28) to you. Love and Light, Kathie.

    • says

      Kathie this made my day! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this. How are you feeling? Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xo CC

  2. Laura lockey says

    This is just what I needed to finally give in to the part of myself who has been saying that I need to start getting up earlier! I love the idea of reading something positive while the coffee is brewing too. Thanks for sharing the words of wisdom, Chelsea!

  3. Danielle Bowcut says

    I love your blog! Also love the shoes flats you are wearing in 6 Morning Rituals. Would you mind sharing where you purchased them?

    • says

      Hi Danielle! Thanks so much. I purchased the D’orsay flats from Target last year. They are the most comfortable shoes ever. I tried to find a link to them for you but they are no longer available. I did see a couple cute pairs on Anthro though. Wishing you a great weekend. CC

  4. Beth Riley says

    Hi Chelsea,
    Love reading about how you keep your life balanced and just ordered the book 28 Days to a Magnectic Life. Can’t wait to make it part of my daily routine. Thank you for sharing!!!!❤

    • says

      Hi Beth. Love this. Let me know what you think of the book. Even after years I still come back to it and have bought it for a lot of my friends and colleagues. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. CC

  5. Margaret Babcock says

    You almost lost me at the “get up earlier”. Being a night owl and an empty nester, thank goodness I don’t have to worry about that one. The rest of your rituals I am totally on board with, but I am “old school” and make a handwritten list and my “prose” is Jesus Calling, a little book introduced by the hospice worker that we met when my mom was passing. That Christmas I gave that little book to each of my five siblings. I am going to check out your suggested reading too. Thank you. My stretching comes later in the day. I recently updated my Pilates machine. Love it! I enjoy your blog. You really have it all together and I think you are a beautiful person, both inside and out.

    • says

      Hi Margaret. Thanks so much for sharing this! I’m going to look into Jesus Calling. Appreciate you and wishing you a beautiful week. x Chelsea

  6. ALdi says

    Chelsea, this blog post is fantastic, you shared some great insights. Thank you! I had not heard of the book 28 Days to.. and I’m looking forward to receiving it in a few days. Have a beautiful day!

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