Skinny Sparkling Apple Cocktail

Spring and Chelsea

This is a fun refreshing cocktail with a fall vibe. Sugary cocktails are a huge no no when trying to keep slim, but this drink is light in calories and sugar.  Serve this to girlfriends at a fall cocktail party or as an alternative to beer when tailgating (I just love football season by the way). Yes, it will work just as well in a Red Solo cup as in a martini glass. And moms, you probably have the Motts for Tots Apple Juice on hand. Bonus!

Skinny Sparkling Apple Cocktail

1/2 can Dasani Sparking Apple (I ADORE this stuff. No artificial anything and it seriously carries the perfect hint of apple).

1/2 cup of Motts for Tots reduced sugar apple juice.

2 oz Vodka

Combine and garnish with thin Pink Lady apple slices.

skinny sparkling apple cocktail

Cheers! xx CC


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