Dancer and instructor, Elizabeth Sturgis, on creating the perfect playlist

Lately I’ve been taking “Barre Strength” and “Air Ballet” classes at Flex & Fit in Uptown Charlotte taught by dancer, Elizabeth Sturgis. Her classes are fast paced and electric, a delightful mix between ballet, pilates & aerial yoga that she and the other instructors at Flex & Fit Studios have perfected.

Elizabeth Sturgis demonstrating an air ballet move

Elizabeth Sturgis demonstrating an air ballet move

Now, Elizabeth’s classes are PACKED! So full, that she often needs to bring out a make-shift ballet barre because there is no room to move. I think this can be attributed to a few reasons: 1) She’s a wonderful instructor 2) her classes produce results and 3) she has mastered the art of the playlist. Elizabeth carefully choreographs each exercise rotation to the beat, which means that regardless of how inflexible or uncoordinated you are, if you keep time with the music–you feel like you are A DANCER!

Elizabeth wears Count Me Healthy bracelets in silver and rose gold by Chelsea Charles

Elizabeth wears Count Me Healthy bracelets in silver and rose gold by Chelsea Charles

She says that she loves all genres of music (evident in her diverse mixes) and that she spends a great deal of time making sure she changes things up.  Here are her current favorites if you are looking to spice up your workout:

by Deadmau5:
1. “Not Exactly” on Random Album Title
2. “Jaded” on 21 Years of Gio-Goi (mixed by Graeme Park and Mark Knight)
3. “Everything Before” on 4×4=12

by Avicii:
1. “Levels” (Cazzette NYC mode mix)
2. “Fade Into Darkness” (vocal radio mix)
3. “Collide” (Afrojack remix)

by Justin Timberlake
“LoveStoned/I think that she knows” (must be the Tiesto remix)

by Remady
“No Superstar” radio mix

by Ercola and Heikki L
“Deep at Night” (Adam K and Soha remix)

by Bloc Party

Background on Elizabeth

Elizabeth graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a B.A. in Dance.  She has danced with At Marah Dance Theatre (Philadelphia, PA), Inlet Dance Theatre (Cleveland, OH), Timothy Martin Choreographies (New York, NY) and Caroline Calouche and Co. (Charlotte, NC).  She most recently had the honor of performing a work by Christian Von Howard, formerly of Alvin Ailey, through the Charlotte Dance Festival.  Elizabeth is trained in Stott Pilates and Pure Barre and currently teaches Pilates, Ballet Barre and Pure Barre in Charlotte, NC.

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    I love this article. I went and had a peek at the Flex & Fit site, and man does that look fun! I wish I lived in the neighborhood. Thanks for sharing! I’m going to follow your blog.

    Peace out! Jeanne

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