Sweet Shower Idea! Basket Raffle

I attended the most beautiful wedding shower in Michigan this past weekend for my cousin, Corey. It was ladylike with cupcake tiers (created by Pronto in Ferndale), colorful flowered centerpieces, and of course women dressing their best. There was, however, one thing missing and damn was I happy about it—THE GAMES. I’m not big on shower games. It’s not that I don’t like to participate, but I like to focus my mental energy on enjoying people’s company and conversation.

In place of “Bridal Bingo” or “How well do you know the Bride & Groom,” they had a “basket raffle” and I thought this was a good idea to share with you.  You can use this for any type of shower:

Baby Basket

Baby Basket

1)    Make the baskets. Get some of your most creative friends to each make one. Because these friends are probably competitive and want their basket to stand out, you will have some amazing, original end-product. The baskets at this shower were “themed.” Some of the themes were: beach, movie, spa, beer, wine, pasta, cleaning, baby, and stationary.

Beach Basket

Beach Basket

2)    Hand out a set of raffle tickets to each attendee. She rips off one ticket and puts in the vase next to the basket she hopes to win. I probably don’t need to tell you I put mine in the wine themed one.

Movie basket complete with movie The Wedding Singer

Movie Basket complete with movie The Wedding Singer

3)    As the bride opens her gifts, pepper the basket giveaways. The bride-to-be reads a ticket number like every 10 minutes. This is good because it keeps the audience’s attention.

Mary and the beer basket

Mary and the Beer Basket

The winners will walk away thinking this is the coolest shower they’ve ever been to in their lives.  Do you have any interesting shower ideas? I would love to hear them and as always, keep counting.

The basket i didn't win (Wine Basket)

The Basket I didn't win (Wine Basket)

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