Gift Guide For Stylish Wellness Warriors

Gift Guide for Stylish Wellness Warriors

No doubt you are drowning in fabulous gift guides this time of year, but you may not have read one specifically for stylish wellness warriors, like yourself. Presents for the girl who fashionably dons streamlined active wear 24/7 and accessorizes her look with kombucha and Quay shades. 

Here are some of my favorite bright, fun and fit finds with one thing in common–helping you be your best self this holiday. Gift Guide for Stylish Wellness Warriors:

Gift Guide for Stylish Wellness Warrior

a) Reebok striped Coach jacket and striped skinny track pant: ($70 & $65): A comfortable, chic throwback but feminine with the skinny leg.

b) Chelsea Charles Count Me Healthy rose gold journal bracelets* ($49-$136): Stylishly keep track of daily glasses of water, fruit and vegetable servings, caffeinated beverages and more by moving the beads. The beads stay in place unless moved by you, so space the them out for fashion or goal setting. 

c) Golden Moon Tea Seasonal Tea Club ($119.99 for twelve months): I came across this brand while working on a new platform for my brand. Their tea is delicious, organic and doesn’t contain anything artificial. 

d) Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) ($49.99): Everyone needs one (or 5) of these in their life. Along with multi-tasking during your day-to-day, Echo Dot is also an incredible workout partner. Ask Alexa for playlists and to set multiple timers while performing reps, sets and different exercises.

e) Work It Out Play Nice Exercise Mat ($32): I love the bright colors on this mat. It looks so happy and cheerful I may just do another minute of planking just to admire the rad pattern. 

f) Raw Spice Bar Seasonal Spices Kits ($52 for 6 months and $88 for 12 months): This would be a thoughtful gift for a foodie as well as someone watching their diet. Spices are such a wonderful, flavor-rich alternative to sodium. 

g) Carbon38 Atom tank in white ($42): I cannot stand workout tanks that are tight. This is why I love this top. It compliments the arms, is loose around the middle section and has the cool opening in the back to add interest.

I hope I gave you some wellness inspiration for your gift search. Wishing you a healthy, happy holiday filled with plenty of time with family and the things that bring you peace. xx CC

*Count Me Healthy is my jewelry brand. You probably know this if you follow my blog, but if not, now you know. For my entire jewelry collection visit here

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