Third Trimester Tips to Feeling Your Best When At Your Biggest

Third Trimester Tips to Feeling Your Best When at Your Biggest

Looking back at pregnancy photos I remember thinking I was large when each was taken. Nope. I am LARGE now. Almost 35 weeks large and the baby is supposed to grow an entire inch this week! These last few weeks are exciting, scary and can mess with your emotions. Not only does your body seem foreign, but you may feel scattered with the anticipation of delivery looming. Plus you are out of the honeymoon stage of the 2nd trimester and your energy levels plummet–your reserves now dedicated to the baby’s rapid growth. If you are pregnant I know you feel blessed and excited to meet your mini, but it’s also important to feel comfortable with yourself right now. Here is a list of my Third Trimester Tips to Feeling Your Best When At Your Biggest.

3rd Trimester Pregnancy Tips for looking your best at your biggest via Count Me Healthy

Third Trimester Tips to Feeling Your Best When At Your Biggest

Consider alterations:  Outgrowing dresses that you’ve worn comfortably your entire second trimester? It’s common right now. And when you get to the 3rd trimester the clothes are designed to accommodate all the different ways women carry (straight out, all around, low, high), so many of the options are ill-fitting. I’m carrying straight out so I purchased a few key pieces and then had them tailored to accentuate the bump and remove the baggy. Now I feel as comfortable and stylish as I can at this stage. Here are some suggestions on where to shop for stylish maternity clothing (it’s a treasure hunt).

Continue your workouts: Each pregnancy is different and if you aren’t on doctor-prescribed bed rest try to continue doing your preggo exercises. Pilates, walking and stretching help boost your serotonin levels and ease joint pain making the rest of the day brighter and more manageable. Consistency will also make it easier to get back into a routine after baby is born. Here is a recent post on pregnancy workout tips I used to help stay fit the past 8 months.

Focus on Accessories: Hats and scarves are your friends. Thin cotton and silk scarves around the neck are trending right now and draw attention away from things expanding other than your bump. Hats cover natural roots and protect your face from the sun. The sun mixed with pregnancy hormones can lead to brown pigmentation spots (melasma) on the face around this time.

Third Trimester Tips to Feeling Your Best When At Your Biggest via Count Me Healthy

Do Your Makeup & Hair: If your budget allows, get that new lip gloss or go for a weekly blow out. You can still feel attractive at this stage. It’s important to feel like yourself. Take 10 minutes and actually get ready.

Chelsea Charles 3rd Trimester Tips to Feeling Your Best At Your Biggest

I’m using my CMH Journal Bracelets to count daily glasses of water and weeks before delivery!

Don’t wear things that constrict your rib cage: Sports bras and underwire bras should stay in the drawer right now. The baby may be riding high and restricting your lung capacity. And from experience, when you can’t breathe, it laces anxiety throughout your day and complicates everything you do.

Eat Healthy Fats: This trimester is when baby’s brain really starts to grow. She needs the Omega 3s and DHA found in salmon, nuts, olive oil, and avocado. So even if you’ve been craving the simple carbs, reduce them at this stage and make room for fat. Just like sticking to your workouts, removing excess simple carbs and replacing with healthy fats will make it easier to get into a healthy routine post delivery.

Choose Real & Healthy: As mentioned above, during this time the baby needs more calories, which translates into “my stomach is a bottomless pit.” Go ahead and eat, but satiate yourself (and baby) with the healthiest, whole food possible whenever you can. Oh and if you want the vanilla bean and caramel cupcake, have it, but just take your time and treat it as a special occasion. Here’s a great recipe for pregnancy protein pancakes if you are having mad pancake craving during your pregnancy like I was.

Third Trimester Tips to Feeling Your Best When at Your Biggest Via Count Me Healtlhy

Practice Gratitude: There is scientific evidence that gratitude can change your life for the better. Having a bad day because nothing fits, your feet are swollen and third trimester heart burn is insane? Start to count moments of gratitude. Don’t know where to begin? Just look down. – CC 

Chelsea Charles Third Trimester Tips to Feeling Your Best At Your Biggest via Count Me Healthy

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