New Count Me Healthy Bracelet Designed in Partnership With The American Heart Association

Count Me Healthy Bracelets for The American Heart Association

I’m excited for the launch of my Count Me Healthy Helping Hearts bracelet designed especially for The American Heart Association.  A silver journal bracelet with moveable, heart-etched beads that women can use to count their heart-health goals. Like all of my journal bracelets, the 12 beads stay in place unless moved by you, making the bracelet stylish motivation and a constant reminder to make your health a priority. It comes in branded AHA packaging and only available on their website here.

Count Me Healthy Helping Hearts Bracelets for the American Heart Association

Count Me Healthy Helping Hearts Bracelet for The American Heart Association

So what are some of the heart-healthy things you can count? Glasses of water, fruit and vegetable servings, snacks, miles walked/ran, trips to the gym, pounds lost, moments of gratitude, workouts per week and more. The back of the packaging lists AHA approved counting suggestions.

Count Me Healthy Helping Hearts Journal Bracelet for the American Heart Association

I was honored to be asked to design a bracelet highlighting the AHA’s initiatives of helping women lower their risk of Heart Disease through small, positive and consistent lifestyle changes like staying hydrated, watching the salt, sugar and caffeine and making time to exercise. Some of these may seem easy, but women put everyone else in their life first, so often the positive things don’t have a chance to become habit. Our willpower is worn out before it can be used on ourselves! The Helping Hearts Bracelet is a pretty way to keep your health goals front and center since it’s on your wrist.

Count Me Healthy bracelet for the American Heart Association

I know a lot of you are doing amazing diets and lifestyle changes lately. I love watching it on Facebook and getting inspired by the healthy food pics, inspirational quotes and such on Pinterest. I’m totally bulking up on the positive vibes with inspirational exercise and meal planning boards. Please comment with suggestions on healthy things you would count with your CMH (as I was typing this, daily teaspoons of Chia seeds came to mind)!  I will most definitely review your suggestions and possibly work into my holiday collection. xx Chelsea

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