6 Amazing Oils for Younger Looking Skin

6 amazing oils for younger skin by Count Me Healthy

There are a zillion oils on the market now for face, body & hair. They are a wonderful alternative to creams because they are closer to nature, budget-friendly and boast a natural glow you can’t seem to get with most lotions. Plus many act as multi-taskers quenching dry hair, skin and nails. I’ve tried a bunch and here are six that I love and use often. I thought this might be helpful since short sleeve weather is here and everyone pays more attention to their skin when it’s on display.



1). Bio-Oil: This is hands-down my favorite. I have been using it every night on my face for over 8 years for hydration and evening out skin tone. It is also wonderful for minimizing scars and stretchmarks (use religiously throughout pregnancy). The main ingredient in Bio-Oil is purCellin Oil. Bio-Oil is the #1 selling facial moisturizing product on Amazon. This is saying something…

2). Peter Thomas Roth Oilless Oil: Made of purified Squalane oil derived from sugarcane. This is a great facial moisturizer for day use because it can be worn under makeup without the oily sheen or greasy feel. Plus it only takes a couple drops so it will last a long time.

3). Emu Oil: So I used to go to this masseuse from New Zealand who had the most incredible skin I had ever seen. She was in her 40’s but her skin looked like that of a late twenty-something. Glowing! Her secret…she put Emu Oil on her face every night. This oil is too heavy for me as a nightly facial oil, but I do use after applying my Hydroquinin/Tretinoin HC cream used to help fade uneven pigmentation from the sun. It is healing, good for burns and super dry skin. I apply liberally and often to my elbows and other places that tend to get dry patches. Note: When putting on your face do not get near your eye area because it is uncomfortable and even washing will not get rid of the heavy feeling on your eyes.

4). Safflower Oil: Move over olive oil, you can use this budget-friendly oil for cooking, as a moisturizer and as a cleanser/makeup remover. Safflower oil is made by cold pressing safflower seeds and the result provides an oil packed with linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid that easily removes dirt and oil without drying out your skin. My sister uses this as the only product in her daily facial routine and her skin has never looked more radiant.

5) C. Booth Bath & Body Oil: This lightweight blend of sunflower and sesame seed oils is an inexpensive moisturizer that I use for in the bath and after a shower.  I love the smell! It’s gentle enough to use on my 2 year-old son, Camden, who has very sensitive skin.

6). Coconut Oil: Unless you have lived in a bunker for the past few years you know Coconut Oil is the darling of the beauty industry. It is the ultimate multi-tasker for cooking, hair, skin, nails and to add to your smoothies for healthy fat! I mostly use as a hair mask and on my lips. To turn it from a solid to a liquid quickly place a quarter-sized amount in your palm and rub your hands together. Voila!

Do you have any oils that you swear by as part of your daily regimen? I would love to test them out.

Also wanted to let you know that after thinking about it at length, I am making a blog name change. Soon Spring & Chelsea will be Count Me Healthy. Same content, just a new name and a presence that’s more streamlined with the rest of my brand. I’m excited for it! – CC

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