Make A Slimming Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

What goes better together than chocolate and peanut butter? The perfect combination of salt, sugar and fat heaven. But when getting in shape chocolate and peanut butter trysts are off limits, right? Nope! Here is a slimming chocolate peanut butter smoothie that tastes sinful but is actually good for you.

Chelsea Charles' Slimming Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

This smoothie only tastes sinful. It’s actually quite angelic at 6 grams of sugar and 145 calories.

The almond milk adds calcium, the peanut butter adds good protein, flax meal adds fiber and the cocoa powder kicks up the for breakfast, as a snack or when a chocolate craving hits. It is much lower in calories and fat than you would expect because I use PB2 powdered peanut butter (the peanuts are slow-roasted then pressed to remove 85% of the fat and oil). The only ingredients in PB2 are roasted peanuts, 1 gram of sugar and salt.

1 cup Almond Breeze UNSWEETENED chocolate almond milk

2 Tbs PB2

2 tsp cocoa powder

2 Tbs Trader Joes Organic House Whip

1 Tbs Bob’s Red Mill Golden Flaxseed Meal (I’m not a fan if it’s not the Golden kind)

3 Ice Cubes

Liquid Stevia (to taste)

Combine ingredients and then blend until smooth.

Calories: 145, Total Fat: 6 g, Carbs: 11 g, Sugar: 6 g Fiber: 6 g Protein: 8 g

If you decide to give my chocolate peanut butter slimming smoothie a try I would love to hear how you liked it. To get these Summer Shape Up tips delivered to your inbox, RSS this blog or sign up for my emails at http://www.chelseacharles.comĀ  . – CC




  1. tj says

    What is trader joe’s organic house whip?
    I had a har time finding unsweetened chocolate Almond Breeze?

    • says

      Hi TJ. Trader Joe’s House Whip is their version of whipped cream in the tub. I know! Chocolate Almond Breeze is kind of difficult to find. I always stock up whenever I go to Healthy Home Market here in Charlotte or when I go to Whole foods. CC

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