Minutes Passing Slowly During Your Workout? Count Songs

So I’ve mentioned repeatedly the power of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and the importance of incorporating it into our weekly workouts. HIIT helps push past weight-loss plateaus and keeps exercise sessions fresh. But even when doing HIIT, some days the exercise sessions just drag. It’s important to watch your time when doing interval training laced with cardio, but I feel like watching the time just makes the session drag even more! What to do…? Count songs! I put my ipad or a towel over my time on the treadmill and just base time off of songs. Granted it won’t be accurate to the second, but after doing it for a while, you’ll have an idea of how many songs equal around 6 minutes. When I get to the 4th song, I jump off of the treadmill and perform jump squats, star jumps, burpees…whatever HIIT set combo I’m doing that day. Keep in mind genre. If you are “werkin” it to Country then add an extra song or two because they tend to be short. Sweating to techno or house? maybe subtract a song because they run longer. Here is an example of a mix I workout to. If you play it through it makes for a strong workout. – CC

Turn Down for What (DJ Snake and Lil John)

La La La (Naughty Boy)

Clarity Brillz Remix (Zedd)

Fancy (Iggy Azalea)

Come to Me (Diddy featuring Nicole Scherzinger)

Empire (Shakira)

Make me Proud (Drake)

Latch (Disclosure)

Ed Sheeran (Sing)

Love Me Again (John Newman)

Sweet Nothing (Featuring Florence Welch/Calvin Harris and Diplo + Grand Theft Remix)

Recess (Skrillex)

Animals (Martin Garrix)

We Found Love (Rhianna)

Tell I Collapse¬† (Eminem) (I’m from Detroit so I had to include)

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