Piece Talk! Rethink Your Energy Bar

Small, healthy changes repeated over and over again are what will change our bodies in time for summer weather.

We all love convenience. And nothing screams convenient to the diet-conscious and time-drained like energy bars. Grocery stores devote entire aisles to the gooey, chunky, protein-packed blocks tucked into rainbow colored wrappers. They usually tout weight loss and health benefits along with a laundry list or ingredients you’ve never heart of.

Despite all of the processed, unhealthy choices, there are a few gems that really are tasty, natural and perfect for on-the-go. The brands I like the most are KIND, Lara Bar and Pro Bar. The thing is, even if you choose these whole food energy bars, they still have major calories and sugar. Fruit sugar, honey and agave (although more natural) are STILL SUGAR. These are meal replacement bars (containing more sugar than you would consume if it were a sit down meal) that many women are now eating as snacks.

So Tip #32 is, break up your bar. Eat half of the bar now and keep the other half in the wrapper for later on. It will keep you from eating an entire meal as a snack and spiking your blood sugar (cutting the bar in half = half the sugar). Plus it forces you to slow down and savor the treat since you have less of it (at least this works for me). And you will have a snack for later if you so choose.

I try to stay away from the fruit-focused energy bars because of sugar content.

I try to stay away from the fruit-focused energy bars because of sugar content.

If you just need a little treat to tide you over, then break the bar into thirds and have one piece with a hot drink, like green tea. Taking a sip after each bite will help you eat more slowly and you can savor the taste because it melts in your mouth. Plus you’ll benefit from the green tea’s antioxidants.

Also, just a note that KIND makes bars with under 5 grams of sugar that are fantastic! My favorite is the Dark Chocolate Nut & Sea Salt. Yum! – CC

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