My Top 4 Summer Shape Up Guidelines by Wellness Coach, Susie Rahaim

Small healthy changes repeated over and over again are what will change our bodies in time for summer weather.

Susie Rahaim, certified wellness coach and creator of the popular site, Real Food, Real Fitness, shares her top four tips (and Tips 23-26 of our Summer Shape Up Series) for getting beach body ready. Enjoy! – CC


Hard to believe summer is here!  If you are saying “eeekkkkk” follow these shape up guidelines to get quicker results so your bod will be summer ready in no time!

Susie Rahaim shares her top four guidelines to get your body chiseled by summer.

First and foremost you need to address what you are eating! Your diet is KEY to getting the results you want and really sculpting up muscles. You need to get your body into fat burning mode. This can be done by adapting to a paleo/primal eating lifestyle and clean eating.

Clean primal eating is simply a way of eating that is avoidance of processed foods, refined oils, white sugar & flour, and low fat pasteurized dairy.  These are all foods that cause your body to become bloated, inflamed, sick and overweight.

Once you can eliminate these foods from your diet your body switches from carbohydrate burning mode into fat burning mode.  This is the ideal way your body prefers and the way we are meant to be.

Sculpting arms:

Go old school! Yes that is start with push-ups, pull-ups, and tricep dips.  Adding these very functional exercises into your weekly workouts is a game changer.  The best part is you can do most of these anytime, anywhere!  Play around with sets and the time in between to add variety and a challenge.  If trying pull-ups, change your grip from over to under with each set.  Change reps and time in between.  Example 3 over-hand pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 20 dips (repeat).  I will throw these in at least 3 days a week.  It’s the minor details that make a difference.

When it comes to arms, Susie says to go "old school"

When it comes to arms, Susie says to go “old school”

Sculpting legs/butt:

Two exercises will get the job done for many! Lunges and Squats are all you need to get that booty lifted and the thighs tight and toned. Walking lunges with the knee to the floor are awesome. Make it advanced by grabbing some hand weights or a 25 pd plate while doing them. Squats are amazing because they target the legs, butt, and even the abs. I like squat jumps. (With legs apart squat then jump up repeat 10x). Also pulsing squats are killer and you will really feel the “burn” while doing these. (Squat down, stay low, and pulse for a count of 50, then repeat).

Sculpting Abs:

Its time to swap out the traditional crunch for front and side planks.  Be sure to zip up your tummy while supporting your weight on your forearms.  Hold for as long as you can and do a couple sets.  Switch to each side holding yourself up with your arms and again hold and do a couple of sets.  Planks when done correctly are not easy!

Doing planks will…

  • Work your upper and lower abs, oblique’s (sides), and your lower back.
  •  They build up and strengthen inner stabilizer muscles
  •  They promote good posture

But most important is they teach you abs to stay contracted in a regular standing position! Bye-bye pouchy tummy!

Ditch the traditional crunch for front and side planks.

Ditch the traditional crunch for front and side planks.

Lastly remember FORM is everything with all these exercises. When you train its important to be in the moment and focus specifically on that muscle group you are working.

Becoming a fat burner and focusing on form and functional exercise will get you the sculpting + toning you are looking for and ready to take on summer! – S R

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