Make it Work! by Guest Author Kimberly Novosel

Small healthy changes repeated over and over again are what will change our bodies.

Make it Work! As in, treat your workout like an important meeting or appointment. I plan my exercise for 3 days to a week ahead and write them in my planner beforehand, including time and activity. It helps that most of my workouts are classes so they are actually scheduled. I’m not much for working out at home. I work at home, so my workouts are one of the few things that get me out of the house. If you work out at home, adopt the same attitude. It’s a priority. – KN

Make it work says Kimberly Novosel

Treat your workout like an appointment like you can’t miss. You wouldn’t miss a hair color appointment, right?

Kimberly Novosel is a self-development expert and author who lives in NYC. To get more motivational tips from Kimberly, follow her on twitter @kimberlynovosel.

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