A Step Beyond “Dressing on the Side”

The slimming tip “I’ll take my dressing on the side” is one everybody has heard before. I want to take it a step further. Although we get our dressing on the side, it can end up being a diet mistake because we then dip each forkful, covering the entire bite with dressing. Or we take grilled chicken strips from the salad and dip the whole strip into the dressing (I am so guilty of doing this). A great way to enjoy a hint of the dressing with each bite, rather than a saturated taste, is to dip your fork into the dressing and then grab the salad with your fork. You are making the healthy choice to get the salad, don’t sabotage your efforts.

Dipping "fork first" will save a bunch of hard earned calories.

Dipping “fork first” will save a bunch of hard earned calories.

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