My Top 3 Exercises for Amazing Results by Guest Author Susie Rahaim

Change is hard for many no doubt.  We all like our routines and our favorite foods and just the thought of changing those things makes us uncomfortable. It’s sometimes in these shaky times when we step outside the box and try a new approach that renewal and a new vision for ourselves can be seen.

With that said, there are no short cuts when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy.  You have to work hard and eat clean and results will show!  But there are specific workouts that will get you there faster than others and are more effective at helping you reach overall health and well-being!

Here are my 3 top exercises to get you FIT, HAPPY, and HEALTHY!

Exercise #1- SPRINTING

Sprinting is the single most metabolically intensive activity a person can do.  This is because it burns fat, builds lean muscles, and naturally increases human growth hormone.  This Awesome hormone is responsible for helping us maintain a more youthful appearance, but also improving bone density and immune system function.  The key to sprinting is that post sprint your body continues to burn fat at an increased rate for up to 48 hours.  Added bonus sprinting helps develop stronger, leaner hips and legs.

Here is a sprint workout to try

SPRINT WORKOUT: Sprint 100 meters then walk back to where you started and get ready to run again!  Work your way up to 10 sprints.  If you don’t have access to this type of space or weather is not permitting you can try sprint intervals on a treadmill.  You can start with 10 seconds on and 10 seconds off and work your way up to 40 sec or even a minute.  For the sprints bump up your speed to where you are challenged. You should be totally out of breath when your sprint is done. Start with a few sprints and work your way up to 10.

EXERCISE #2Lift weights

Instead of low intensity long repetitive exercise sessions on treadmills and ellipticals switch to shorter more intense workouts with weights always changing them up.

Strength training with weights and high intensity exercise is a powerful combo and great way to lose fat!  Strength training workouts that take large muscle groups to a state of BURN will increase the release of hormones that aid in reducing body fat.  Hormones also regulate your body’s immediate and long-term responses to strength training and will help you burn fat and build muscle after a workout.  This helps you become a fat burning machine 24/7!

So Pick up those weights and get to it.  Start with bicep curls, shoulder press, chest press, and tricep extension and move on from there when you get more comfortable


Primal exercise and HIIT (high intensity interval training) are the real winners for improving your cardiovascular fitness, fat-burning capabilities, and overall health.

Primal exercise is simply moving and exercising the way our bodies are designed to and the way our primal ancestors did.

This includes walking, running, sprinting, skipping, hopping, crawling, swimming, bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, rolling, isometric movements like planks, also push-ups and pull-ups to name a few.

Going for runs up and down hills and throwing in some sprints, swimming in the pool or lake, rock climbing or hiking are all primal ways of fitness.   Our bodies respond better to these functional natural movements vs. the same repeated exercise everyday (treadmill run).  Primal movements create greater mobility and flexibility. Put these together with HIIT high intensity interval training and you have a winning combo your body will thank you for!

HIIT high intensity interval training is alternating between very intense bouts of exercise and low intensity exercise.  For example, sprinting for 30 seconds and then walking for 60 seconds.  HIIT can be done in the gym with weights or just with cardio.  The degree of intensity will vary depending on your fitness level.       

The reason this type of workout is so AWESOME is because you exercise your entire body every workout so your metabolism has to work overtime for hours after to help you recover.

An example of a Primal HIIT workout would look like this

Walk 1 minute then add in a few sprints or run changing your pace and find a few hills if you can for 5 min.  Then stop and add in some pushups for 30 seconds , hold a plank for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds. REPEAT this cycle for 15 minutes and you have a PRIMAL HIIT workout.

Not able to go outdoors, no problem! Try 30 seconds of squat jumps, 30 seconds of alternating lunges, 30 seconds pushup, 30 seconds rest. Repeat 5-10 times. Remember to go all out during your intervals.  You should be challenged and out of breath!

Susie Rahaim demonstrates jump squat form during her HIIT.

Susie Rahaim demonstrates jump squat form during her HIIT session.

Here I am using my Rose Gold, Silver & Black CMH WRAP bracelet to count squat jumps during a home HIIT workout!

Here I am using my Rose Gold, Silver & Black CMH WRAP bracelet to count squat jumps during a home HIIT workout!

There are hundreds of ways you can create your own unique Primal HIIT workout. I use my CMH wrap bracelet to help count intervals during my HIIT workouts! So give it a try! Go for one or all three of these three speedy ways get your bod in shape.  Even better add in REAL whole food to fuel overall fat loss and better health!

Susie is a nutrition advocate, wellness coach and creator of the popular health website, Real Food, Real Fitness. To learn more about her or read her blog, visit her site or email her at



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