Deep Thoughts on a Snow Day.

I have lived in Charlotte for almost three years and have never seen snow like this! Right now it is a white-out and everything is closed. We don’t own a sled (I feel like a bad parent) or a shovel for the driveway…sh*& (a really bad parent and an irresponsible adult)!

Remember when snow days were like the most incredible gifts from God in grade school? Precious hours to put off homework, sleep and watch cartoons. I thought about how my view has changed on snow days now that I am a parent and run a full-time business. Here are some adult questions I now have for snow days. Let me know if any of these sound familiar.

My backyard right outside Charlotte, NC after our big snow.

My backyard right outside Charlotte, NC after our big snow.

Deep Thoughts Q&A:

Q: Do I have the essentials to get us through this ice storm? Milk, eggs, bread, toilet paper, some sort of healthy dinner? A: Yes I do! I have chicken breasts, frozen vegetables, and stock. Homemade chicken soup with rice noodles is simmering in the crock pot right now.  Plus, if the ice storm lasts longer than a day, we have eggs, cheese and vegetables. Something can be whipped up. Breakfast dinners are always cool and I hate drama.

Q: My nanny can’t come because the roads are too bad. I have a deadline with work but I need to be an engaged parent.  What will I do? A: Take a side table up to my baby’s room, work on my computer and watch Camden play. Have Pandora on my laptop so he can dance when he feels the need to bebop.

Q Oh No! Doom. My hair appointment was today at 1:00 and any longer than 4 weeks for a touch up as a blonde is unacceptable. What will I do? A: No worries, it will work out and Jen always gets me in. She called me and I have an appointment tomorrow at 11:00 am. (best salons in all of Charlotte are Therapy and Cirrus).

Q: I don’t feel like getting out of my sweatpants. I’m nesting, only not pregnant. Does this mean I’m in depression? A: No, just take a shower and put cute yoga pants on. Do my makeup. Things will look brighter.

We have another full day of storm warnings, but I’m feeling good. I have my boys, my internet and serious peace from looking out at the beautiful blanket of white.  Bunker down. – CC

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