New Year, New You: Resolutions Shaped by Bebe.

I have this uber-detailed list of New Year’s resolutions, most of them relating to my health and happiness. But what happens when your little one gets sick with a major virus and double ear infection on New Year’s Day and it lasts a while? Obviously all you care about is your child’s health and happiness. So 1) this is a story from recent personal experience and 2) Resolutions change.

My family is my top priority. Therefore, I added “being the best caretaker I can be” to the list of goals. I may have started 2014 a bit lax on my SELF-focused resolutions, but hey, I was a fantastic caretaker and it made me feel good.

Instead of being self-focused about ticking off all of the boxes of my well-being like a fitness fiend, I rounded out the corners a bit, broke them down into smaller, more manageable goals and sliced them down even further into appreciating moments of will-power. The goals that needed more attention than I could give at the time (attempting Paleo and eating all whole foods) were tabled but not forgotten. I’m diving back into them slowly now that my son is better. Baby steps, baby steps.

Maybe a major key to KEEPING your resolutions is realizing that New Year’s Goals are a marathon, not a sprint.

I feel the need to stress this next point because we are natural caretakers at the expense of our personal well-being. Once your child becomes well, it is important to get your workout or meditation in so that you feel whole. Taking care of yourself is critical to your psyche, your marriage and being a good parent.

Chelsea Charles wears a Laurel Bracelet Stack

Camden and Chelsea. Chelsea wears a Laurel Stack and a Galaxy Golden.

I like to list a use for my CMH bracelets in many of my posts. This is one close to my heart. Count times when you want a personal “pat on the back” for being a good parent. Guessing there aren’t enough beads on the bracelet for a day:) But it is a nice reminder that you are strong physically, mentally and as a parent to your child. Right now, to continue our ringing in of 2014 with health top-of-mind, we are offering 30% off of any Count Me Healthy bracelets with code BELL30 at checkout. Ends 1/12 at midnight.

Look for our next New Year, New You post by self-development expert and author, Kimberly Novosel. – CC


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