Losing the Baby Weight with Baby in Tow

Mother’s Day is almost here, so thought I’d write on a universal bond shared by all new mothers everywhere….attempting to lose the baby weight. And you know, it’s not just the baby weight, it’s about getting the abs and skin back to the muscle! “Oh abdominal definition, wherefore out thou?” I’m about 2lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight and Camden is 10 weeks old today.  One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced aside from lack of time is how to workout with baby. Like every other area of life as a new mom, you learn to adapt and so I’ve done this with my exercise. Make sure you have the ok from your doctor before you resume your fitness routine.

Here is what I’m currently doing to stay in shape while working from home with my new son. I try to do something almost every day, even if it’s only for 20 minutes.

Running with bebe in the BOBs jogger

This stroller has been a God send. Whenever it’s nice out in Charlotte, we go for a run. When Camden is fussy…we go for a run. He goes to sleep instantly (does one need more incentive to get moving)? Plus, I’ve started to jog to the grocery store if we need a few items. I just put the items in the basket underneath the stroller. To note, I have the Britax car seat and purchased an adapter to fit with the stroller.

Camden Koch's first stroller ride

Camden's first ride in his BoB jogger. He's so much bigger now!

“Dance Party Camden”

He may think I’m crazy, but I will just dance while he is in his bouncer. Just break it down. I have a great time and I’m burning calories. We call it “Dance Party Camden.”

Camden and I have fun dancing!

Camden and I have fun dancing!

Flex & Fit Ballet Barre in the Park

My favorite wellness center in Charlotte, Flex & Fit, offers a free class on Saturday mornings in Freedom Park. Mommies come with their babies and do a barre class using the stroller handle as the ballet barre. A great workout and also a chance to meet other moms.

Workout videos

I really love doing workout videos. You have your favorite trainers in your living room for pennies. I’ve included my go to vids in this blog along with the sections I find most beneficial for my body and trouble spots. I usually listen to the music and instructions in the videos a few times and once I have the routine, I turn it down and just listen to Pandora so I get more pumped up.

Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy Workout

This was the first video I started working out to after Camden’s birth.  Some moves I found too challenging so I used her modification suggestions. I recommend this entire video, but you will want to move onto her mat workout DVD pretty quickly.

Chelsea Charles uses Tracy Anderson workout video to get in shape

Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy workout video

Tracy Anderson Mat Workout

This is probably my favorite video and I’ve been doing it for years. I cheat and don’t do the third leg series though.

Physique57 Classic Workout

I do this all the way through if I’m not doing any other cardio for the day. It is tough. The instructor calls you a “thigh warrior” halfway through if that’s any indication of the difficulty.

Physique57 Arm and Ab workout

Love this one too. It’s only 30 minutes and makes me feel like I’m toning after a cardio session.

Exhale Core Fusion Body Sculpt

These chapters are broken up into 10 minute segments. I usually only do the arm segment.

Brooke Burke Strengthen and Condition

This is a great one. For some reason I don’t like doing this one all the way through though. I do her arm and ab chapters.

Chelsea Charles uses Brooke Burke video to drop the baby weight

Brooke Burke. She's had four children so yes...I will give this video a try

Xtend Barre Lean & Chiseled with Andrea Rogers

I do the arm, ab and butt chapters.

iBooks short Ab Videos

There are a few free books on iBooks that I’ve downloaded on my iPad, which are wonderful for the abs. “21 Best Exercises for the Abs” and “15 Ab Exercises you have Never Done but Should.” They show 30 second video clips of each exercise. Highly recommend.

Short ab videos on the iPad are helpful

Short ab videos on the iPad are helpful


I’ve taken pilates for over 8 years so I just broke down a couple years ago and purchased a reformer. This has really helped me get my flexibility back. I understand this is a great expense, but many of the moves can be achieved with exercise tubing and bands.

My Count Me Healthy Silver Mommy & Me Cuff

Yes, I religiously use my bracelet to track weekly workouts. It’s beautiful motivation and it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished my goals when I see 6 beads moved over by the end of the week.

Mommy and Me sterling by Chelsea Charles

Use the Mommy and Me sterling Count Me healthy Bracelet to count your workouts per week

Although this post is directed toward new moms, these exercises are great for any woman who is pressed for time and wants to get healthy and toned. Happy Mothers Day! CC


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