Winner of our “Mom’s Words of Wisdom” Contest

Happy Mother’s Day! I am so excited as my mom and dad are coming to Charlotte, NC from Detroit to visit me on this special day. My mother, Michelle, helped judge the  “Mom’s Words of Wisdom” contest with the prize of a Mother Golden bangle.

chelsea charles and mom, Michelle! Love you.

All of the entries were heartfelt and I actually wrote many of them down in a journal that I could reference when the going gets tough! They were inspiring and thank you to all who entered. It was a day-long decision choosing one. In the end, the winner was Michelle Arts. Here are her mother’s words of wisdom:

“Around the age of 10 my mom took me outside and told me today I was going to learn to cut the grass. I said it was my two brothers’ job why did I have to do it? She responded that “I want you to know how to take of yourself. If there is a man in your life let him take care of you but always know how to take care of yourself”. From that I learned to be confident, capable, responsible and independent all while learning that no matter how strong and independent a woman is, it is still ok to ask for help.”
The Mother Golden is an exclusive found only on, a retailer I’m proud to partner with as they embody modern, southern style.

Chelsea Charles Mother Golden CMH bracelet at

Have a wonderful Mothers Day and remember to pamper mom tomorrow. She’s made a ton of sacrifices for you to turn out so fabulous.

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