Celeb and Supermodel Diet Tips!

Even though it’s only 50 degrees where I am, the sun is shining, sending me happy reminders that bikini season prep must start now. If this isn’t enough of a reminder, Resort Wear Collections abound!

Loving the summer prints

Summer prints. Beautiful and a tad unforgiving to the extra winter pounds.

The New Year’s Resolutions are begging to be picked up, brushed off and attempted again after being abandoned in early February. I thought it would be good to share a few celebrity diet tips and tricks I came across.  You may know a few of these already, but I tried to find some that are a tad unconventional and maybe not everyone has heard.

Cut Out White Foods

Trainer Teddy Bass, whose celebrity clients include Cameron Diaz, suggests ditching any carb that is white — bread, pasta, cookies, rice — when a star is trying to lose weight for a movie or a big event. “These foods are high in sugar, which means your body burns off the sugar first rather than the stored fat,” he says. Diaz still eats carbs, but just in moderation and gets the majority from fruits and vegetables.

At the Chanel show. Always the epitome of class, fitness and fashion.

At the Chanel show. Always the epitome of class, fashion and fitness

Fat-Free Foods Make You Fat

Many fat-free foods are actually loaded with sugar. (aka THE WHITE DEVIL).  Remember the women in the Snackwells cookie commercials of the 90s? They were all pushing 220lbs and running after the Snackwells truck? If you must, have a little of the sugary indulgence you crave instead of the high-sugar, fat-free cardboard that will make your blood sugar skyrocket and enlarge your fat cells. Too much sugar is often the real reason people gain weight, says celebrity trainer Jackie Warner. More importantly, your brain doesn’t work as well when you eat a lot of sugar.

I don't know about you, but I would choose a bit of Ladybugg Bakery's creations over a whole box of Snackwells

Eat Your Nachos in the Nude

I’m a huge Marisa Miller fan. I recently read an article in Women’s Health “Marisa Miller’s Tips to a Sexier Life” where she said she eats her high fat indulgence foods, like nachos, in the nude. A Victoria’s Secret Supermodel eating nachos in the nude is probably one of the top five fantasies of men everywhere, but hey, for her it is a diet tip and we should take note! Nothing makes you stop short of the next bite more than looking down at one’s thighs.

Supermodel, Marisa Miller

Eat the Good, the Bad and Then the Ugly

I thought this was such a clever tip from celerity trainer, Jackie Warner, (also hard to forget because of the movie title similarity). Classify the food you eat as good (veggies, fruit,lean meats), bad (starches, bread), and ugly (dessert, alcohol). Fill up on the good first and then move on to the other foods.

If You Are Going to Drink Alcohol, Make It Clear

Okay, aside from Britany Spears (post rockin abs) do you ever see a thin celebrity carrying around a fruity or frozen drink? Please put down anything pink, fruity, girly, boasting a salted rim and garnished with fruit other than lemons or limes.

Embrace the “Golden Reps”

Different trainers and workout gurus call them different names “Golden Reps, chasing the burn, burn reps,” these are the final reps when your muscles get tired to exhaustion and begin to shake.  There is a wonderful workout video that I highly recommend, which embraces the “Golden Reps” to exhaustion: Brook Burke’s new video, “Transform Your Body with Brooke: Strengthen and Condition. If anyone has a right to make a workout video, it’s her. Sure, she was formally married to Doctor 90210 and had the best plastic surgery at her disposal, but she has had five children! Five! She works hard at her body and I think she’s amazing for it.

Even casual, supermom Brooke Burke looks fabulous.

Drink Water

Okay, this tip isn’t new, but it’s so important and easy. Do something good for your skin, nails, hair, circulation and waistline just by filling up your water bottle.

You can use any cmh bangle to count your glasses of water, white foods, fat free foods (when trying to reduce), and when you are feeling indulgent and slip on your diet. Right now, save 20% off your entire order until March 5th with code WATER20 at checkout.

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Also, never beat yourself up if you’ve slipped on your resolutions. Pick up where you left off. Life isn’t about perfection, it should be about enjoyment and appreciating what the higher power gave you. We’ve started a Pinterest account and would love to see pins of your bangles, healthy recipes, fashion, whatever you think is beautiful. Have a fabulous week and remember to keep counting!


  1. Reggy says

    I have been eating raw food for the past two weeks. I realize it will take me a while to get rid of the 10 lbs that I want to lose.
    I am drinking more water and doing some type of exercise every day.
    I am a run/walker and know that I have to be in very good condition to begin running outside. Living in Chicago makes it difficult. I am running inside inside now at the East Bank Club.
    I love my CMH – it is the best for counting water intake.

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