A Girl-Themed Gift Guide for Mothers, Sisters & Friends.

I’m always grateful for the amazing women in my life including my mother, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and many beautiful, accomplished women I am honored to call friends. But as this year of tumultuous change comes to a close, I find myself overwhelmed by the blessed and sanity-saving support system they’ve been. So, for this year’s gift guide, I wanted to offer some fab finds for the special women in your life and mine.

For the friend with an Eye for Design: Design Sponge at Home by Bonnie Grace ($21)

You have probably heard of her blog, but her book of interior insight is a gem. It is the perfect visual peruse for a rainy Sunday morning with coffee and Pandora. It also boasts an intro from interior design extraordinaire, Jonathan Adler.

Design Sponge makes a beautiful, useful coffee table book.

A sneak peek into Design Sponge

For your Stylish Sister: Beaker bud vases ($30)

I purchased these on a flash sale on Foundary.com, but there are a plethora of options out there if you google “beaker vases.” These are filled with roses from my front yard in Nashville.

Love the tiering of the beakers.

For the New Mommy: “I’ll watch your baby” Gift Certificate ($0 but priceless)

This doesn’t cost a dime and based on where all of my girlfriends are in life as new mothers, they would cherish this gift as an opportunity to have some alone time with their man or friends. Just make a beautiful card with a redeemable “coupon” for the favor. Fabulous!

just put the hand written coupon inside a beautiful card like this Papyrus laser-cut snowflake

For the Northern Star who is Craving Sun this Winter: St. Tropez Foam with Application Mitt ($30 for tanner and $7 for mitt)

Hands down, this is the fastest, streak-free, scent free, and natural looking way to get tan. St. Tropez has really perfected their solution. I gave it a try after reading Denise Richards autobiography. She said she was obsessed with the foam after she used it on Dancing with the Stars. The mitt makes application a snap and, unlike the spray, it doesn’t get all over the bathroom, the couch, floor, sheets, etc. Don’t purchase the lotion or the spray because they don’t work half as well.

St. Tropez Foam

Applicator mitt is helpful.

For the Literary Starlet: Leading or “Leaning Ladies” Bookends ($45)

I just finished watching LA Confidential (I’m a huge Kim Basinger fan) and she rekindled the Hollywood starlet appreciation in me. Plus, what a conversation piece.

Leaning ladies make great conversation pieces.

For your Friend with AMAZING eyes: Chanel D’ombre eye shadow in Illusoire ($36)

I went to a party recently and my girlfriend, Kristie was wearing this. It was mesmerizing. Perfect for any friend that loves to get made up.

No matter what color your eyes, this Chanel shadow will accentuate them.

The Heartfelt Gift Every Woman Should Have: Gratitude Journal ($12)

You can use any journal or notebook, but I liked these from Etsy because the monogram makes it even more special. A recent article from Health and Spirituality magazine says that in order to hold on to the fleeting moments of gratitude and increase your happiness, you should write in a gratitude journal daily. On the first page, you could write something like, “This is your gratitude journal. Put it by your coffee pot and write three things every morning that you are grateful for while your coffee is brewing.”

A gratitude journal is a treasure and a tool.

For the Woman Who Loves Color: CB2 Modern Tribal Pillow in Blue ($40)

This pillow is the perfect pop of color in a neutral space.

Really digging this pattern.

For the Health Conscious: Physique 57 video set with Playground ball ($60)

Rave reviews from Kelly Ripa and Erin Featherstone make it tempting, but the physique transforming powers make it a must. I use the Physique 57 Workout Kit, Volume 1.

Physique 57 set

For the Gluten-free Girlfriend: Mad Mac NYC Macaroons and Fruit ($68)

They’re beautiful, French Macaroons and gluten-free. Tres Bien!!

A rainbow of gourmet, gluten-free macaroons

For Your Best Friend: Count Me Healthy “Friendship” in Sterling. $88. Give the gift of Wearable Motivation! This style also features the “friendship infinity circle” etching. Interlocking circles representing a friendship bond. Count things like daily glasses of water, pounds lost, fruit and vegetable servings or Physique 57 workouts per week!

Friendship Sterling with Friendship Infinity Circles. (one of our 3 top sellers)!

Jekka modeling Sterling Friendship as part of a bangle stack.

For the Traveler: Luxe City Guides (Prices Vary and can be found on Amazon.com. They also frequently have sales on Gilt Groupe).

Choose the perfect travel guide for the woman who wants to know where to eat, sleep and shop in a fabulous fashion. The covers are works of art.

Luxe Hong Kong

Luxe Paris guide

Luxe Chicago guide

For the New Year’s Entertainer: Venetian-Style Champagne Flutes ($11.50 – $69.00)

We used these at my New Year’s party last year and they were amazing!

Yes, these make drinking the bubbly even more fun.

For the Wine lover: 2009 Merriman Estate Pinot Noir Yamhill-Carlton District ($20)

This well priced pinot has so much to offer. A great bouquet, legs that won’t quit and a price tag of under $20! I highly recommend and even a “cork keeper” because of the really cool Merriman logo treatment on the top.

Cummins Road pinot noir

For the Girl who Likes her Beauty Rest: “Bon Soir” shams ($34)

These are darling and using the french language in the bedroom is never a bad thing.

bon soir "good night" shams.

For the business-minded woman with papers to carry: Graphic Image Medium Envelope in Silver Python Leather ($39 regularly $79)

What a sexy and practical way to keep your travel receipts for tax purposes. Plus it’s a wicked deal.

silvery leather python document envelope

I’m feeling really festive so stay tuned for more holiday topics. I’d also love to hear your gift suggestions. Happy Holidays!

My white, feathery tree. Really in the spirit.


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