Moderation Must-Haves for Festive Eating

Fall is here! Being from Michigan, this is my favorite time of year. The smell of burning leaves, cinnamon candles and baked goods waft through the air. But with the smell of baked goods comes the inevitable tasting of that which is being baked. Fall is the metaphorical “ribbon-cutting ceremony” into the diet danger we call the holiday season.  Starting with Halloween candy, we taste and graze through cocktail parties, thanksgiving, cookie exchange, present shopping and Christmas dinners.

So how can you exercise moderation and enjoy the bounty of the holiday without adding some bounty to your thighs? Answer: Prepare.

Here are a few “moderation-friendly” tools to arm yourself with this holiday season:

1) Slimware Plates (

Created by Lash Fary, a well known television personality, health guru and businessman, Slimware is an aesthetically pleasing way to remind yourself not to overeat. At first glance, Slimware looks like lovely-patterned, melamine dinnerware. But each plate has graphically-dedicated food placement areas as a guide to recommend food portions (Protein, vegetables, and carb/side dishes). In our world of supersized entrees, we forget what a portion size is supposed to look like. Slimware is a beautiful reminder. They come in a fabulous array of colors and patterns and make for excellent conversation pieces at your next girls’ dinner. Also, as an added bonus, they make wonderful presents for any friends or family who haven openly talked about being on a diet or startlng a healthy lifestyle. (each package contains 4, 11’ inch, dinner-sized plates).


Here is an example of the “city chic” design and how the designated patterned areas work to control portion sizes

this sunny pattern is sunburst

This sunny pattern is sunburst

love these lily pads. The Central Park pattern

Love these lily pads. The Central Park pattern.

2) Moderation Wine Glass!

Alright, how often do I blog about wine? Um….all the time. It is a joy of life! But during the holidays it is so easy to over-imbibe because there is great conversation and merriment to be had! So, I have a designated wine glass in my house that is smaller than all the others. I found this glass at an estate sale and it looks like a runt next to the rest of the towering glasses. I use this when entertaining as a reminder to take my time. Is it always effective? Of course not. Is it sometimes effective? Why yes.

Wine glass from an estate sale.

3) Your 1/4 and 1/3 measuring cups

Yes, all measuring cups are useful, but I find these overly important. Looking at the serving size of anything is critical and 1/4 and 1/3 cup are usually within a serving size. Plus, I like seconds. So, if the serving size is 1/2 or 3/4 cup, then I can fill er up twice and I’m still within the serving size. Keep a measuring cup in your favorite cereal box, oatmeal container, or within easy reach if you are opening up the freezer for some triple fudge ripple.

4) Prep bowls

These tiny wonders can be found any place that sells kitchenware. They are much smaller than regular bowls and are a staple in portion control (perfect for tasting a bit of whatever treat you are mad for at the time).

these “nosh” bowls from Crate and Barrel are the perfect for snack control

These “nosh” bowls from Crate and Barrel are the perfect for snack control.

5) Count Me Healthy bangle

Yes, created to be wearable motivation and a reminder of moderation, CMH is a fab addition to your holiday preparation. Often, thirst if mistaken for hunger, so CMH is a great way to make sure you are getting enough water. They can also be used to count “bits and bites.” Move a bead every time you reach for a “taste of this”, or “crumbs of that” while baking cookies, making your child’s class Christmas treat for school, or setting out the appetizers for your holiday gathering. If there are more than 5 beads moved over, put the brakes on because you’ve probably eaten a couple hundred calories of mindless taste-testing. Be on the lookout for our new Sisters sterling, gold and rose gold styles, as well as our Friendship Rose and Yellow Gold, just in time for holiday as a gift for the special women in your life. I’m very excited about these (

cmh bangles worn stacked

CMH bangles worn stacked.

Here’s to the start of an incredible holiday season!!! I’d love to hear any tools you use to stay healthy during this fun and action packed time.


  1. Mrs Picky says

    Chelsea! We created a Moderation wine glass for just the reasons you mentioned above!!! Check it put at Let us know what you think. LOVE your blog!!!
    Mrs Picky

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