Cut, Color and… Eggs Benedict?? Beauty Shop Brunch

When out-of-towners come to Memphis, there are certain things ALWAYS on the agenda such as Graceland, Beale Street, Barbeque (Central, Rendezvous, Commissary, Interstate, Korkys, TOPS, etc.). Come on all you Memphians, how many hundreds of ribs have we consumed for the sake of our relatives “first experience” to our city? But nothing nurses a weekend of hard Memphis partying and sightseeing better than a fantastic brunch. This is why I always like to close my friends’ and relatives’ stay with a trip to the Beauty Shop.

Beauty Shop, Memphis

Beauty Shop in Memphis

The Beauty Shop is in Midtown’s Cooper Young area and owned by Karen Carrier. Her restaurants also include Molly Fontaine’s and Do Sushi and Noodles (my favorite sushi restaurant in Memphis).

The Beauty Shop décor is “50’s Hair Styling Station.” The walls are all mirrors, mirrored medicine cabinets and block glass. Daily pie and milk shake selections are written in erasable marker on the shiny-mirrored walls. If you request a two-top you might just sit in a comfy chair complete with dryer dome!

Hair-dryer “two top at beauty shop

Hair-dryer “Two Top"

There is also the nostalgic play list of Frankie Valley and other 50’s tunes. It’s cool for guests, but if I were a part of the friendly wait staff I may want to shoot myself listening to the loop of teeny bop over and over again.

Ok, on to the food. Amazing. Here’s a shot of the menu so you can salivate over the choices.

Beauty Shop Brunch Menu

Beauty Shop Brunch Menu

Calorie watching is a dirty word here so consume in moderation. I’m a creature of habit so every time I go I partake in the Eggs Sardou. Basically it’s eggs benedict with fresh spinach, garlic, tomatoes, and olive oil atop sinfully delicious pumpernickel bread. The sauce is a fat-fest and I feel, unnecessary with all of the other flavors of the dish, so I ask for it on the side.

Eggs Sardou at the Beauty Shop

Eggs Sardou at the Beauty Shop

Um…I wonder if I liked it. I left a little for garnish

Um… I wonder if I liked it. I left a little for garnish...

Some other house favorites are the Huevos Rancheros over grilled tortillas New Orleans-style BBQ shrimp and grits and their waffle creations. Wash it down with a glass from their excellent, moderately priced wine list or a “Beautiini” which my sister, Ashleigh, enjoyed during her visit. I opted for a Pinot Noir. I take the European mentality when it comes to Sunday brunch. As long as it’s after 11:30, drinking is fair game. MODERATION.



Ashleigh and Chelsea Charles

Ashleigh and Chelsea Charles at Beauty Shop

If you want to pencil the Beauty Shop into your lazy, Sunday afternoon, here is the website.

Here’s to 50’s hairstyle dining. As always, keep counting.


  1. Ann Marie says

    I love that you can order a cocktail at breakfast. This looks delish! I’ll have to take my mom when she visits in May.

  2. Jessica says

    Did you know the Beauty Shop actually used to be a beauty shop where Ms Presley herself got her hair coiffed?

  3. says

    I’ve always wanted to go to beauty shop! It looks like such a fun and creative restaurant… Cooper and young really does has the best places in memphis 🙂

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