Cool, Different Gifts to Give and Get

Everyone loves a predictable, scented candle or pair of gloves for the holidays, but my favorite part of gift giving is finding something that is truly unique for the unique personality of whoever I’m gifting. Now, sometimes I’m way off base and I’m sure they’ve raised an eyebrow or even worse…REGIFTED (gasp) my heartfelt gift, but regardless, I have fun hunting for the perfect present.

This year is no different and I thought I would share a couple sites and gifts that are in my opinion very cool and if someone gave me any of these I know they searched high and low for a fitting find.

For the Music Lover

Framed LPs

framed vinyl records

Some framed vinyl

This makes great gifts because they are inexpensive and show you really paid attention! You need to know the person’s music tastes to get it right. Have they talked about the rare album they can listen to all the way through without skipping over a track? Or an album that they listened to during a cool time in their life and they will always go back to that time when they hear it? Of course they were probably listening to CDs, not LPs, but use that info and go online to Amazon or eBay and find their favorite album. Usually you can find bootlegs or B-sides on these sites as well. They are often works of art. You can then go to Michal’s crafts, Hobby Lobby, or any record store and get an album frame. They usually come in black, silver and wood. Consider the frame choice they would like. Nice.

The New Apple TV (

Apple TV

Apple TV

Seriously, the best $99 I’ve ever spent and a couple of my besties will be getting this from Santa. They can stream their playlists wirelessly to their television. If you really love them, get them a spare remote for $19 because it is the size of a fun size candy bar and they will loose it in the couch.

For the Creative

Society 6 for Urbanoutfitters Print Shop (Art Prints, iPhone cases & skins, Laptop/iPad skins (

rhino macbook skin

“Rhinoceros” by Danielle Furman: A Macbook Pro skin I purchased for a friend this year…shhhh!

I am on Urban way too much and I only recently found this. Society6 is an International artist community representing more than 70 countries worldwide. This is a curated collection of UrbanOutfitter’s favorites. I also liked reading the artists’ bios of the prints I liked. Any items ordered from the PRINT SHOP will be processed and shipped by Society6 and you can pay through cart or Paypal.

For the “Wino”

White Acrylic Monkey Wine Holder (

White Acrylic Monkey Wine Holder

White Acrylic Monkey Wine Holder

Okay, who doesn’t like wine? Who doesn’t like monkeys? Why not put the two together! It is a great conversation piece, well made and has a great price. If you’re a really great friend, you may want to put a bottle of Pinot in the monkey’s arms and a bow around his neck before you present him.

Interesting Bottle Stoppers

peace sign wine stoppers

These are only $9.95!

I thought this Peace Sign wine stopper was such a fun happy. Peace out… I’m having a glass.

For the Eco-Conscious

Notebooks with paper “made from stone.” (Target Stores)
This sounds crazy, but it’s true. I have my friend, Jessica, to thank for this. She got me one (thanks Jess!) and they are really wonderful to write on. The ink comes across so richly on the stone paper. It makes taking notes at meetings a lot more fun. Plus, it gives you one more reason to visit Target!

For Any Woman!!

Trish McEvoy Correct and Brighten Pen (Amazon, Saks, Neimans, etc)

Trish McEvoy Correct and Brighten Pen

This pen makes the perfect gift for any woman

This is an amazing pen! I’ve met Trish (she wears Count Me Healthy) and saw her demo how to do the “triangle of light” under your eyes and over your cheek bones to banish signs of fatigue and give you an amazing, fresh glow.

Do you have any really cool, different gifts you can’t wait to give? I’d love to hear about them. Oh yes, we can’t forget Count Me Healthy bracelets make amazing Christmas gifts (I have to say it because it’s true). Have a wonderful week and remember to keep counting.


  1. Michelle Charles says

    I agee with everyone else –The monkey is such a fun, unique and practical gift –it just makes you want to drink more wine. So very cute.

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