Traveling in a 3 oz. World

I went to Atlanta with my friend Jessica this past Friday. It was a quick overnight jaunt to visit the Atlanta Mart to see how Count Me Healthy jewelry is displayed in our showroom. Since this was such a short trip, we got by using small carry-ons. We actually got a water bottle past security (on accident of course), but it made me think of  1) the time I got MACE past security (again on accident) and 2) the times I had to toss my precious lotions and creams because they didn’t meet the 3 oz rule.

Almost everyone has had the experience of having to toss their creams and lotions because they were over 3 ounces. No matter how much you begged and pleaded that “this bottle of (fill in the blank) cost more than my rent,” you need to follow the rules and leave the gleaming packaging with them. So, I thought I would offer a couple of tips for not being in the situation ever again.

If you are just taking a weekend trip, use your empty eye cream jars for your entire facial routine.Why? They take up less room than those clear plastic bottles you can buy at the drug store. You will use less of whatever you are going to put in them and it’s also easier to get the facial cream, polishing soap, oils and such out of these jars than the drug store bottles. Finally, these jars are more durable than those plastic bottles, so you will be less apt to have a spill. Promise.

empty eye cream jars

Empty eye cream jars

Visit the web site website

It’s a website offering TSA-approved bottles of popular products from some of your favorite brands like Ahava, Ted Gibson, Molten Brown, and even Jack Black for men. Shipping is free for orders of $100 or more and here is a cool perk: if your flight departs less than seventy-two hours after you order, you’ll receive a free upgrade to overnight shipping.

Dr. Haushcka's travel size products

Start a “travel drawer” at your house.
This travel drawer is devoted to nothing but carry-on travel. So, store the following:
•    samples you receive every time you order from or other beauty sites (I actually look forward to trying these samples when I travel)
•    empty eye cream and sample jars
•    any 3 oz items you acquire over your travels.

Do you have any carry-on travel tips? I’d love to hear them and I will definitely “road test” them. Have a beautiful week and remember to always keep counting.

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