But It’s the Weekend!

So, it’s officially the weekend and as I’m writing this I’m shoving an apple cinnamon rice cake in my mouth. Problem is, it’s my fourth and there are “ecstasy amounts” of carbs in each one. Um… and I’ve already had two bowls of cereal. BUT IT’S THE WEEKEND!

“BUT IT’S THE WEEKEND” is the lamest and most used excuse for today’s women! I say this because I use it almost every weekend–so I’m just taking a stab in the dark that it applies to a large percentage of America’s female population. I say “America’s” because I just can’t see a French woman or Tokyo native using this excuse as often as we do. If you can prove me wrong, please let me know.

Why do we use this excuse time after time? I think it all comes down to 1) a lack of moderation and 2) stress. We read so many articles about “how to lose those last 10 pounds” that deprivation gets the better of us and we cave. At least I do.

So I’m making a vow to try a different angle for next weekend. Instead of saying “BUT IT’S THE WEEKEND” and so having another drink or falling off of the clean-eating wagon, I need to take that “split-second” moment before the backslide happens and say “No.” I think the weekends are for rewarding one’s self, but not so much that it undoes all of our hard work throughout the week.

As I mention often, a lot of damage can be prevented by having a sense of moderation and stress management. I’m trying to make daily efforts to work on both of these points.

Instead of… “BUT IT’S THE WEEKEND,” so… :

-I’ll have a snack MARATHON. Let me lace up my tennis!
– I’ll chill on the couch all day
– I won’t do my ab exercises
– I can abandon my healthy lifestyle
– I’ll drink what I want, when I want
– I’ll party like it’s 1999

Let’s try… “BUT IT’S THE WEEKEND” so:

– I’ll eat healthy snacks so I’m ready to hit the ground running come Monday
– I’ll get in some “active rest” like taking the dog for a walk or cleaning the house
– I’ll do my ab exercises because I’m on a constant “Abs like Alba” quest
– I cannot abandon my healthy lifestyle
– I will curb my drinking somewhat
– I’ll reach out to the people I can’t catch up with during the week due to “strestic mode.” (“Strestic” is a made up word combo of “hectic” and “stressed” that shouldn’t be used when talking in certain circles, such as the educated).

Come next week I will be brutally honest and blog about how it turned out. Regardless, making a plan is always the first step. Count Me Healthy helps to prevent weekend slips. Look down at it. It’s on your wrist for motivation. Count your glasses of wine, snacks, or just move a bead over when you’ve had a “clean eating” weekend day. It will keep you motivated to move over that next “clean-eating day” bead. As always, keep counting.

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