Ladies Who Lunch… and Sip 901 at 201 pm

We say, why not!

Count Me Healthy Jewelry was honored to be a part of the 2nd annual PGA Wives’ Luncheon during the JT Shriners Golf Tournament week in Las Vegas. On Oct 15th, over 125 women descended on the Las Vegas Design Center for food, fashion, and a great cause. Oh yes, and to meet Justin Timberlake!

The design center, with it’s lavish showrooms, high ceilings, and zen meeting area, was a beautiful backdrop for the gourmet spread including jumbo seared scallops, ginger-teriyaki shrimp skewers, prime rib, refreshing tomato and cucumber salad, and mini cheese cakes that almost looked too pretty to eat (I stress almost).

During lunch, ladies listened to live music from Mosaic as mixologists from 901 (JT’s premium tequila brand) concocted some of the company’s signature drinks.

After lunch, Lynn Harless, Justin’s mother, gave a really inspiring heartfelt speech and introduced Justin, ever the gentleman, who proceeded to take pictures with the attendees.

I can’t bring JT to your next party, but these fun, refreshing 901 recipes from the event may have the same “weak in the knees” effect on your gal guests. Ha! Remember: everything in moderation. All of these recipes are low calorie, relatively low in sugar, and have some antioxidants from the fruit.

I haven’t sampled all the cocktails mentioned above, but of the three I’ve tried, the Pepino was my fave (there was something so refreshing about the lime, cucumber and pineapple together). The recipe coasters were created by Shara’s Paperie ( This company specializes in creating one of-a-kind, personal designs for your special occasions. If you want to show off a favorite drink or food recipe, give the primary mixer or ingredient as a gift and attach one of these professional coasters to the top with ribbon or string.

As a parting gift, the wives received fabulous gift totes from ful (, which included Kine-pHirm skincare from famous NYC facialist Janet, Mirimichi wine toppers ( Cookies from the Triplets Cookie Company (, and a Count Me Healthy bracelet. There was a consensus that the women would use the bracelet to count their bottles of water while in the desert of Vegas!

It was a really memorable time and I look forward to next year. Stay tuned for more fun events.


  1. lauramjohnson77 says

    What a lovely read and this sounded like a great time! I love the drink recipes and coasters! wow! What a rockin' idea! Question, how can I get my hands on one of these Ful gift bags! (smile)

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