Cool Gift: The Card Box

If you’re like me, you revel in finding the perfect gift for someone. It doesn’t have to be expensive; instead it should be thoughtful, individual, and original. And if it’s really strong, bring about a possible “copy-cat give.” (This is where the friend who received the gift from you creates her own “copy” to give as a gift because she wants the receiver to feel the same “wow” vibe she felt when opening.) Copy-cat giving should never be confused with re-gifting and I guarantee that a re-gift will not happen when you give a card box.

So, what is a card box? Well, it’s a filing system for the cards you write to your loved ones throughout the year. I believe they have pre-made card boxes, but it’s always more fun to create one. I am the antithesis of Martha Stewart and this project is tres simple. Plus, you will have a blast putting it together.

Go to Target and get a bright colored folio box with tabbed hanging folders. Add your flare (stickers, sparkles, marker, scrapbook appliques). Keep it cute, but tasteful. Label the tabs according to card types (Birthday, Congratulations, Sympathy, Thank You, etc). Then head to your nearest Hallmark and stock up. When I’m making one, I often buy two of each so I can add to my card box. You also don’t have to go hog-wild on the amount of cards. It is the thought (and your creativity) that counts.

Reaching out to someone via snail-mail is one of the most thoughtful things you can do in our tech nation today. One of the uses for the Count Me Healthy Happy and Blessed bracelet is to count thank you notes or “thinking of you” cards written per week. It promotes good karma and well being. Aside from creating a card box, I want you to try to send, say, seven “hello”or “thank you” cards for a week. Just a test; see how it makes you feel. Do you have any gifts that result in a copy-cat give? Ooohh, I’d love to hear. And as always, keep counting.


  1. Michelle says

    I love the card box idea. I have a book with pouch pages for cards, but the box sounds much nicer. I am the queen of card sending. I especially love to send Valentines Day Cards because people don't expect them like they do the Christmas cards. It is a good way to let people know that you love and care for them. The other day my friend gave me a small fall votive and I was so touched by that. I went out and bought one for my other friend because like you say, you want them to feel that wow.

  2. Terrah Hamilton says

    You hit the nail on the head with this gift idea! I am in love with cards- especially letterpress, which is a dying art. What a personal gift- especially for a friend who is super busy and may not have time to shop for cards, but would send them if all they had to do was go to the appropriate tab and wallah…there it is! This Christmas, it is a great challenge to not Spend, Spend, Spend…but give Thoughtfully and Originally.

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