Vegas Baby! Will I loose my HTM at the Tables?

So, we leave for Vegas tomorrow. It’s for work, but unless you are an alien there is a pretty heavy “fun element” laced throughout any business trip to Vegas. I’ve been there about 50 times and it never gets old. Some people say, “Oh, but I’m not a Vegas person.” Who exactly is a Vegas person? They must like drinking, gambling, partying, and eating at the buffet. I don’t agree with this (although all of the before-mentioned activities are fun to me). I think this view must have come from watching National Lampoons and the Hangover. But Vegas has so much more to offer. It’s not just bright lights and bunny ranches. Vegas is a shopper’s paradise, spa heaven, and home to the best shows on earth.

But alas, when it comes to maintaining my Healthy Travel Moderation (HTM) it is truly Sin City. By actually writing out some temptations beforehand, maybe it will give me pause–a sense of realization–before I fall headfirst off my HTM wagon.

Temptation #1) Usually, upon landing, the casino picks us up and we ask if we can swing the limo through the In-N-Out Burger. I never eat fast food… except in Vegas. If I am truly feigning this Christian culinary delight (In-N-Out has bible passages on the bottom of their drink cups), I will go for the “protein style, no cheese, no sauce, no onions.” Protein style is wrapped in lettuce and I know I saved some major calories by forgoing the sauce and cheese.

Temptation #2) I’m dehydrated because it was dry on the plane and we’re in the desert. As I’ve mentioned before, when you’re dehydrated, sometimes you have a tendency to misinterpret thirst for hunger. I am one who always does this and if I don’t eat healthy snacks to tide me over it won’t be pretty.

Temptation #3) Okay, bright lights, music, no idea what time it is outside, that equals a party to me. And what is served at parties? Alcohol. Here it flows with abandon, while making me abandon my healthy food choices and hard-earned willpower.

Temptation #4) So, we are having a blast and I have to keep the energy up so I reach for caffeine in the form of Sugar-free Redbull. This stuff will tweak you up, dehydrate you, and leave you crashing hard the next day (like a bad lover).

Temptation #5) Since I don’t know what time it is and my body clock is tossed from the caffeine, I guess there is nothing better to do than order room service at 2 AM!

So here is a recap of five temptations that could throw off my HTM (let me disclose that these are in no particular order of prominence):

1) In-N-Out
2) Misinterpreting Thirst for Hunger
3) Alcohol
4) Caffeine leading to NO SLEEP
5) Night Eating

I’m going to go pack now. I’ll let you know how I fair in LV now that I’ve put these little potholes down on paper. How do you stay healthy in Sin City, while still having a good time? Can you maintain your HTM? As always, keep counting.

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