Reality TV: Motivation Beyond the Biggest Loser?

For a while, I tried to fight watching reality television. This was due to the instant, undeserving fame these people get from the tabloids (Speidi, anyone)? Bad memories of Omarosa making the front cover of one of the weeklies because it was her “implant tell all” kept coming to mind. Alas, I gave in and tuned in, but I’m doing it for a good cause. I tape the episodes the night before and then watch them to help me through my morning cardio. Nothing gets me more motivated than a mental breakdown over tulle on Project Runway or the philandering of the ex-porn star who stole the rest of the contestants dirty socks to stuff her bra on Rock of Love Bus (yes, I watched Rock of Love, all three seasons.) I’m loving The Bachelorette, Bachelor, and I even liked More to Love, although there was something missing… oh yes–construction paper cards asking if he/she would like to spend the night with he/she in the honeymoon suite. (As a side note, I thought Tali was genuine and gorgeous on More to Love.) I’m also psyched about the new season of Dancing With the Stars. I watched the premiere and I just don’t see the talent I saw last year, but then I remind myself I’m not an expert. Of course, the most motivational, wellness-wise, is the Biggest Loser, hands down. I do tire of the show’s blatant, product promotions (i.e, trainer Jillian, “When you’re fighting a craving, the best thing to do is chew Winterfresh sugarless gum from Carefree.”) I do understand that Wrigley’s or Carefree shelled out an amazing amount of money for the trainers to whip out the pack during opportune times–then followed by a commercial break featuring the product. Hey, I understand the game… in fact, I may have just purchased a pack on my way home yesterday!

They say spending countless hours in front of the flat screen is bad for you, but I really think it can be a good thing as long as you are moving while you’re watching. Do you have any suggestions on other “must see” television? What show gets you through your workout rut? It can be drama, comedy, even sci-fi (within reason). I’d love to hear from you and will test watch whatever must-see you mention. And as always, keep counting.


  1. Asheaon Squirrel says

    Is it weird that I enjoy watching HGTV when I'm working out or cleaning the house??? I also enjoy watching the Euro channel. I can never understand what is being said, as it is all spoken in German, but I like to think my brain is enjoying the exposure to a new language. Also, various studies have proven that television is an excellent way to fight loneliness. The sound of another humans voice or conversation is great when you need some interaction. My fiance clued me in on this! :

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