The Ultimate Detox Diet: Call Granny and Get Yourself a Kickin’ Shredder


Who hasn’t tried the lemonade, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup detox or at least heard thousands of times how Beyonce lost 20 pounds using it to get screen ready for Dreamgirls? I tried it successfully for about five hours. Although the lemonade diet wasn’t my gig (I like chewing too much), I have been on a never-ending quest to achieve the “Shangri-La body-balance” that detox plans in magazines, books, and ads promise. Anyone tried Kioki foot pads?

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of phony science and lip service out there. But I do believe that laying off some of the sugar, fat, alcohol, and high-impact carbs we eat will help our bodies rebuild and perhaps not tax our vital organs quite as much. I do think it would make us more energized and rested. I’ve tried the fiber cleanses and juicing, but a lot of it is so time-consuming and not long-term. The weight comes right back. It got me thinking. In order to reduce the amount of bad stuff we put into our bodies, we need to get to the root of why we are eating and drinking when we know darn well it’s not conducive to our well-being. Maybe if we know this it will 1) reduce bad habits through awareness… helping to create a more detoxifying LIFESTYLE and 2) help us better stick to whatever specific detox we want to try within this healthier lifestyle.

I came to the conclusion that we eat these things because we are stressed, unhappy, and/or discontented in other areas of our lives. We need to work on detoxifying these areas in order to achieve Shangri-La body balance. Some examples would be getting rid of clutter. Get yourself a shredder and embrace the grrraawwww sound as you shove junk mail into the slot and make more room in your office. Make sleep a priority and get to bed an hour earlier than you usually do. Call someone who loves you that you haven’t spoken to in a while, like Grandma. I feel so great after I get off the phone with her and she gives me one of her latest recipes from her dinner parties.

Organize your life, and over time, the eating won’t be so erratic and toxic either. You can use one of your Count Me Healthy bracelets to track areas in your life you’re looking to detoxify. Once you do this, I strongly believe that body-balance will follow. Have you used Count Me Healthy to better your life? Let us know by entering the Healthy Her contest (click here to enter). We’ll highlight a new Healthy Her on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter complete with pictures and details about the winner’s health & lifestyle goals. Plus, we’ll give the winner a Sassy Stack so she can continue to keep multiple wellness goals top-of-mind.

Keep counting and be proud of the goals you’ve set for yourself!

-Chelsea Gossett


  1. Asheaon Squirrel says

    Ok, one thing that I TOTALLY LOVE about the count me healthy jewelry is just that: it helps me with balance! If I dont go to the gym often enough one week, I can track it on my bracelets for the next week and it all begins to "balance out" therefore, I'm left feeling far more accomplished had I not had my CMH bracelet to remind me what I've done the week before and this week, so far. Work outs, meat consumption (I'm a semi-vegetarian) and cups of green tea are ALL counted with my bracelets. If I miss a day or even a week and "blow it" I have my bracelets to show me that my body can ALWAYS readjust itself. My CMH bracelet is like a veritable health coach, always letting me know that I can get back on track. It's the best.

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