Introducing Chelsea Charles Love Tag Necklaces + Giveaway

Introducing Love Tag Necklaces by Chelsea Charles

I’m excited to share our new Love Tag Necklace collection with you. The 14k gold filled and sterling silver tags are two-sided and reversible: Wear with words facing out or on-the-flip with etched heart showing. Now available on 18″ 14k gold and sterling silver chains, these tags are an inspirational, mini interpretation on the classic dog tag. Just like the majority of my jewelry, this collection is meant to serve as a pretty, constant reminder of your health and well-being….

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Where to Find Stylish Maternity Clothing For All Trimesters

Where to find stylish maternity clothes for all trimesters

Shopping for maternity wear can be quite challenging, especially during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Not only do your stomach and breasts grow, but your back and rib cage expand to support your frame and your legs grow to support the added weight.  I’m now 19 weeks and at a style point I call  “clothing limbo.” I’m not quite in maternity, but I’m also putting on some of my regular clothes for the last time until I welcome my baby…

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Count Me Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide + Giveaway

Count Me Healthy Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays: The colors, the paper-goods, the sweets! There is something airy and light about it. But I feel like the flowers and chocolates are being replaced by cool things you can actually wear and use. Gone are the days when I bought my 6th grade boyfriend a 4-piece mini-box of Russell Stover’s assorted chocolates and the single cassette tape of C&C Music Factory’s “Just a touch of love.” Don’t hate. I still love…

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The Skinny Confidential & Count Me Healthy

Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential Wears Count Me Healthy Bracelets by Chelsea Charles

So my Count Me Healthy journal bracelets were featured in a recent post on The Skinny Confidential. This was special for me as both a jewelry designer and blogger because Lauryn Evarts is probably one of my two favorite bloggers (Garance Dore, the other being you) and I’ve been reading her content for years. Aside from having one of the most successful lifestyle blogs, she is also best-selling author of the book The Skinny Confidential: A Babe’s Sexy, Sassy Fitness…

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The Fit Girls Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The Fit Girls' Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2015

This is my fourth year doing a gift guide and it’s always one of my favorite posts. You know…getting to spend hours online shopping for cool things I would love and think you would too! The last two years I focused on gift guides for girlfriends, sisters and the other important women in our lives. This year I wanted to hone it just a bit more and cater to the girl who loves fitness. Not just getting her workout in,…

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5 Fashion Essentials To Embrace Your Modern Tomboy

Recently I made the decision to chop my hair off above shoulder length. I have the appointment scheduled and excited about it.  The decision was actually made for me because I had a harmful color with a new stylist a few months back and he massacred the health of my hair. Lots of tears and wishing I could rewind that appointment. Whatever. A new hair cut is happening and it made me think of how much I love tomboy style….

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