Pregnancy Workout Tips to Help You Stay Fit All Trimesters

Pregnancy Workout Tips & Essentials To Help Stay Toned All Trimesters

Yesterday I hit 30 weeks in my pregnancy and the temp outside in Charlotte, North Carolina hit a whopping 104 degrees. My huge belly combined with the weather is making it difficult to breath let alone feel motivated to put on a sports bra and workout. But I’m making a consistent effort to exercise 4-6 times a week. Ever since I hit the third trimester I use the term “exercise” loosely because some days I may only get 20 minutes…

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Healthy Chocolate Chia Pudding

chocolate chia parfait

I don’t know what it is with me lately, but I have an overwhelming sweet tooth. Like an addict I have to sit on my hands not to reach into the clear, finger-print smudged cake dome that houses my son’s occasional treats like his chocolate, butter cream frosted birthday cupcakes or banana bread that I made so the sad, browning bananas wouldn’t go to waste. I recently pulled the Halloween candy out of the garage freezer because my chocolate cravings…

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10 Helpful & Healthy Tips For Traveling Pregnant

10 Helpful & Healthy Tips for Traveling Pregnant

Today I’m 22 weeks pregnant and just landed in Baltimore–my 3 year old toddler, Camden, in tow. We are visiting my husband at his business headquarters and then driving to Philly to spend a few days with his family. I’ve traveled quite a bit during this pregnancy and even more during my last. Although hitting the road when expecting doesn’t involve the massive prep that traveling with an infant or toddler does (I’ve written on it here), it still requires…

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Rainbow Coolers: The Perfect Summer Sip

Rainbow Coolers by Count Me Healthy

So 23 weeks pregnant today! I’m feeling large and in charge. Yesterday I hosted a birthday lunch at my house for a girlfriend who is also pregnant. Now normally a chilled Pinot Grigio is an automatic when having a summer lunch with a friend. Southern front porch = drink in hand. Instead I served Rainbow Coolers, a refreshingly light option for those looking to summer cocktail without the alcohol. They are also a healthy way to get in your fruit…

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Introducing Chelsea Charles Love Tag Necklaces + Giveaway

Introducing Love Tag Necklaces by Chelsea Charles

I’m excited to share our new Love Tag Necklace collection with you. The 14k gold filled and sterling silver tags are two-sided and reversible: Wear with words facing out or on-the-flip with etched heart showing. Now available on 18″ 14k gold and sterling silver chains, these tags are an inspirational, mini interpretation on the classic dog tag. Just like the majority of my jewelry, this collection is meant to serve as a pretty, constant reminder of your health and well-being….

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The Healthy Cookbook Every Mom Needs On Her Shelf

The Healthy Cookbook Every Time-Crunched Mom Needs On Her Shelf

So I’m now 17 weeks pregnant and the time is FLYING! I’m feeling wonderful; working out 4-5 times a week with a mix of cardio and pregnancy barre DVDs. The morning sickness and lethargy have all but disappeared, replaced by my constant foraging for food. When you’re always hungry it’s tempting to just reach for processed food because you want something fast. Not going to lie, I’ve given in sometimes. But to largely avoid this faux-food pitfall, I’ve been stocking…

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