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Welcome to Count Me Healthy  where I love to write about healthy recipes, travel and style inspiration. Above all I try to write about things that are fun and useful because your time is valuable. 

Bio Bits & Back Story

Hello! Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my blog. Here’s the LD on me:  I have a degree from Oakland University along with a certification in personal nutrition. Out of college I worked in Product Launch for Volkswagen of America, Inc. Then I became Creative Director of ful, an accessory brand. During this time I learned a lot about growing a business and secured two patents on my Count Me Healthy journal bracelets. I started my own accessory company with an emphasis on wellness in 2009 (Chelsea & Charles, LLC). The Count Me Healthy bracelets are the foundation of my brand and we sell to choice boutique, spa and sport retail in the US and Canada.

The jewelry brand and blog began as an outlet to combine my two favorite topics: style & health. The blog has evolved to also include domestic and international travel (which I do often) as well as mommy elements since I am the mother of 4 boys (two stepsons who visit often and two my own). I try to write with a sense of mindfulness and honesty because who has time for bull-sh**. I’m a pilates and HIIT training devotee and embrace a whole-food lifestyle. But some days, not gonna lie, it is all about the carbs and wine and life is too short to apologize for it. – Chelsea

I live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area with my husband (and best friend!) Geoff and sons Camden and Brody. 


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