7 Weight Loss Hacks For Busy Moms

7 Weight Loss Hacks for Busy Moms via Count Me Healthy

As a mom do you often feel like you don’t have enough time for anything; even normal bodily functions like chewing properly or getting to go to the bathroom in peace? When you can’t even make time for the basics, how can you possibly focus on a healthy, toned self? Does it feel overwhelming? Why look at my sad, unpolished toes in the image above! I’m experiencing mom guilt at this very moment because I’m writing this post instead of working on my business or managing my brood. But it’s important for me to share because it’s a struggle for thousands of women. We are worth making the time investment in ourselves via hobbies and fitness goals. You do not need to abandon what makes you healthy. Instead here are my 7 Weight Loss Hacks for Busy Moms to incorporate into your schedule. Use these to best optimize time so some of your precious minutes can be devoted to your self growth (and sanity).

7 Weight Loss Hacks for Busy Moms Via Count Me Healthy

7 Weight Loss Hacks For Busy Moms

Fitness Braiding: This is the greatest way to maximize your workout when you are pressed for time. Lace HIIT sets through your chores and other mundane tasks using a minute timer and determination. Read all about the details here.

Creative With the Crock: The Crock Pot has been around since the 50’s and it is just as helpful today. A huge time suck is dinner prep. Throw a healthy protein into the crockpot in the morning, cut up ingredients for a salad and homemade dressing and you are done. 

Walk and Talk: Need to catch up with girlfriends or your mom? Do it while walking with the kids instead of sitting down. Strap them in the stroller, put on your headphones and you will have covered 2 miles or more in no time. I hate to add this, but a leisurely walk while pushing the kids doesn’t really qualify as a primary workout. It’s like icing to your training sesh you’ve already finished or are going to do for the day. 

Include The Babes: Camden and Brody often sit with me in my office, workout room or pilates area. Camden doesn’t really sit. He participates by interpreting the workout DVD that’s on, showing me the yoga moves he learned from Miss Brittany or, if I’m in my office, getting documents off of the printer. Yes the areas double as race tracks for toy cars and tummy time practice, but sometimes it’s the only way to get my fitness on and business done. It’s also adorable and highly entertaining. 

7 Weight Loss Hacks for Busy Moms Via Count Me Healthy

Mom’s Office. Camden gets the pages off the printer. Brody is my boy Friday.

Wake up 45 minutes earlier: I already wake up at 5:45 you say! If you do, then this doesn’t apply to you warrior princess. This is for the ladies who wake up at 7:00 or later. Make the coffee the night before, lay the gym clothes next to your bed and get after it. If you work out later in the day, still wake up earlier and use the alone time to meditate, catch up on the news or surf the web. This is YOUR TIME and the mornings are usually your best shot at getting it uninterrupted. 

Amazon it: So much of the day is stolen by making a last minute rush to the store. With small children, getting ready and in the car feels like we are preparing for a week long journey (Can I get an AMEN). Amazon now has 1-day delivery on thousands of items if you spend over $35. They also have Dash buttons that you can strategically place throughout your home and just press when you are out of a staple. 

6 Grams of Sugar Rule: This may be the hardest hack to follow, but it will have the biggest payoff. You can’t train a bad diet. If you are freeing up time for fitness, but chasing it with sugar you will not see positive results. I try to keep all snacks under 6 grams of sugar, which means that usually you will have to reduce or completely remove things like flavored yogurt, dairy milk, fruit, juice, smoothies and energy bars. 

I would love to hear your best tips on optimizing time. Remember: You Are Amazing…You Queen of the Balancing Act. – xx CC

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