The Gift of Gratitude

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Bean and Sprout! My boys Camden and Brody.

Being that Thanksgiving is around the corner and the holiday craziness has started, I wanted to pause for a sec to talk about gratitude. Gratitude is a profoundly powerful tool that we all need to use more often. In fact there is a direct correlation between the simple act of giving thanks and having a happy life. Researchers say it improves your relationships and even helps your heart.

Truth is, with caring for a 2-month old, a toddler, managing a full time business and a household, my days have become a blur. I feel I’m constantly trying to block-and-tackle (can you tell it’s football season) without stopping to appreciate little joys. As Oprah so eloquently put it, “I got so focused on the difficulty of the climb that I lost sight of being grateful for simply having a mountain to climb.”

The Gift of Gratitude via Count Me Healthy

In this photo: I am thankful for peaceful moments, my in-laws who I was staying with, the ability to read, and good coffee!

It is hard to be in a bad mood when you’re being gracious! Seriously, try it. Try to be in a terrible mood after you’ve taken inventory of what makes your life amazing. Despite the benefits, I haven’t made a consistent effort to express gratitude for the life I’ve shaped because it takes a conscious effort. Guessing this may sound familiar to you too.

This is why I designed a Gratitude Journal for your wrist. It’s a constant, beautiful reminder to give thanks. Use your gratitude journal bracelet by sliding beads to count things you are thankful for daily. Each bead will stay in place unless moved by you. Choose from two styles: a signature silver heart etching or our new matte turquoise crystal and silver below:

Turquoise and Crystal Gratitude Journal Bracelet by Chelsea Charles



And as another pretty reminder to live thankfully, check out our #gratitude and #thankful Love Tag Necklaces. Love Tag necklaces feature 14k gold-filled and sterling silver, reversible tags on 18″ chains with words of inspiration on one side and stamped hearts on the other.

Chelsea Charles #gratitude and #strength Love Tag Necklaces

Our sterling silver #strength and 14k gold filled #gratitude Love Tag necklaces featured in Muscle & Fitness HERS holiday gift guide.

 Wishing you a joyous, mindful holiday season. xx CC


  1. Kim Langan says

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder about gratitude. Life pulls us in many different directions constantly and it was a nice reminder to take a moment and be appreciative! Your boys are beautiful and I can not believe so much time has passed since we last saw each other. My blessings are now 25 and 18, it happens all too quickly. I’m truly grateful that your cyber Monday email brought me to your blog today! xoxoxo

    • says

      Kim! So good to hear from you. Yes the time flies. I can’t believe your babies are 25 and 18! Wow. Wishing you a lovely holiday season. Love Chelsea

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