5 Fashion Essentials To Embrace Your Modern Tomboy

5 Fashion Essentials to Embrace Your Modern Tomboy

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Recently I made the decision to chop my hair off above shoulder length. I have the appointment scheduled and excited about it.  The decision was actually made for me because I had a harmful color with a new stylist a few months back and he massacred the health of my hair. Lots of tears and wishing I could rewind that appointment. Whatever. A new hair cut is happening and it made me think of how much I love tomboy style. You don’t need short hair to pull off the look, it’s more about having a confident, cool and just slightly laid back state of mind, but the inspiration for this post came from the impending haircut. It is what I  gravitate toward when it comes to look-of-choice. Comfortable yet sophisticated so it works really well throughout the week. Pop comes from cut, material and accessories as opposed to color.  Since my mixed metal journal bracelets compliment neutrals (photos at end of post) here are 5 style staples that shout sexy, modern tomboy.

1. Long Wool Coat: Go for boxy and masculine or tailored with a more feminine silhouette.

5 Fashion Essentials to Embrace Your Modern TomboyLeft to Right: Merry Danamere | Victoria Tornegren | Wool Blend Twill Coat

2. Leather Leggings: slim fit black or graphite in regular length or cropped. Alternatives are vegan leather or matte coated skinny pants.

hmprod_Fotor_Collage.leatherleggingsLeft to Right: Damsel in Dior | Ciicern | Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific | H&M cropped leggings.

3. Wear Everywhere Blazer: Jackets that work with denim, leather and slacks. Long and loose or tailored. Lapels, buttons and stitching add interest.

5 Fashion Essentials to Embrace Your Inner TomboyLeft to Right: Zara Studio Blazer | Tina Andrea of The Fashion Eaters | Stockholm-Streetstyle | Rag & Bone Blazer

4. Booties: Flat or stacked heels, leather or suede; as long as they’re comfortable and cool with your slim fit pants. Interest comes from contrasting soles, buckle accents and zippers.

5 Fashion Essentials to Embrace Your Modern TomboyLeft to Right: Sezane’s Low Montana Boot | Madewell Billie Boots via Camille Styles | Rag & Bone Boots via WhoWhatWear | Loeffler Randall’s Mercer Boot

5. Neutral Sweater: Go with just the right amount of extra material to drape off the shoulder or opt for more form fitting in a heavy knit.

oversized sweaterZara_Fotor_CollageLeft to Right: J. Crew | Ellen Claesson | GQ | Zara Oversized Sweater

Some images of my gold, pink gold and silver bracelets paired with tomboy essentials.

Count Me Healthy Journal Bracelets by Chelsea CharlesLeft to Right: Oversized blazer (my own) with multiple bracelet stacks | Charlotte Bridgeman of Winston and Willow wearing a Rose Gold Laurel Bracelet | Mary Summers of So Then They Say Wearing a Rose Gold Original | Count Me Healthy Laurel Rose Gold and Gold Cuff

What are some staples to add to the list? Websites you love to peruse? Let me know! I always appreciate and follow up on suggestions. For more inspiration check out my Wear board on Pinterest. Great energy your way today. – xx CC

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