10 Happy Finds for a Lighter, Brighter Spring

Spring & Chelsea

If i had to describe winter in one word (aside from cold) it would be heavy. Heavy skies, heavy coats, heavy hues. Spring, being winter’s youthful counterpart, is all about light. I just feel a bounce in my step when the temp rises and the trees start to bloom. And spring cleaning? Oh Yes..let’s overhaul everything: home, workout routine, style and schedule. Here are 10 Happy Finds to add even more light and bright to your spring rejuvenation plan.

10 Best Beauty, Healthy and Happiness Finds for Spring

1). Fiddle Leaf Fig: There is something about this tree that adds an organic, gorgeous touch to an interior space. Don’t have the gift of a green thumb? Read this  from Pop Sugar before you purchase or go faux here.

2). GT’s Kombucha: It’s time to start thinking about bathing suit weather and Kombucha is my go-to snack to lighten up. Although it is a tea, Kombucha is more filling than most snacks. Kombucha (fermented Chinese tea) is loaded with health properties including antioxidants and probiotics, but I mostly drink it because it’s filling and I love the taste. My favorite GT’s products are Gingerade, Multi-Green, Botanic No. 9 and Synergy Trilogy.

3). Mario Badescu Facial Spray: Containing aloe, herbs and rosewater, this has become a staple for me. It’s so refreshing. Use to set your makeup, soothe dehydrated skin or as a kind way to wake yourself up mid-day. I love it so much that I recently gifted a bottle to my mother-in-law because she’s a frequent traveler.

4) A Bright Wear: This Lovers + Friends Gardenia Jumpsuit: is breezy, sexy with a 70’s vibe. I love the blue chambray color and the sweetheart neckline.

5) Tracy Anderson Method Express:  I’ve been a huge TA fan since 2008 and have a bunch of her videos. I just added this new Method Express to the collection because it offers 6 efficient 10 minute workouts. I break up the workouts and lace them throughout cardio. Spring Shape Up is on!

6) A Light Scrub. Winter can leave skin sullen. I use this Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask by REN once a week (Sunday night ritual) to help with cell turnover. It helps reduce visibility of fine lines while renewing complexion. I was hooked after one use (swear my skin felt softer).

7) A Bright Read: Spring is a time for upbeat content. On my bedside table is E-Squared: Nine Do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality.  Author Pam Grout offers 9 simple ways to prove that reality is malleable and that you shape your life with your mind. I’m not sold on all of the principals but I believe your energy shapes your life and this book offers some worthwhile tips on why it’s so important to be positive.

8) A Large Demijohn Bottle: These vases are wonderful because the small opening is perfect for spring’s flowering branches. The picture above shows my demijohn on our fireplace with babies breath branches my husband cut from our yard. I found mine at Hobby Lobby.

9) A Lighter Sip: Winter is a time for heavy reds such as Malbecs, but warm weather beckons for a lighter bouquet. I was blown away by this 2012 Formation Pinot Noir from World Market (in store purchase only). I enjoyed it so much and found out it’s a 92 points from Wine Spectator! Some other light tasting, well priced pinots I enjoy are Harlow Ridge, Jargon and Sea Glass.

10) A Super Light Carry On: There is something about traveling with elegant luggage that makes one feel stylish and put together…no matter what they’re wearing.  I recently traded in my carry-on for this 21″ Chatalet case from Delsey. It is the lightest bag I’ve ever owned. If you want constant compliments (the flight attendants fawn) and a more sophisticated travel experience this bag is for you.

Happy Spring xx CC


  1. Ashley A says

    Yet another great list! I love this! So diverse, and I’ve yet to be disappointed by trying one of Chelsea’s favorites.

  2. Gigi says

    Love the list! I am checking out the luggage and facial spray first but adore everything else too!

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