Building Your New Years Change Foundation

spring and chelsea

Pinky Swearing I’ll Keep My New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to my 2nd annual New Year, New You series…a compilation of posts running throughout January on healthy eating, motivation and mindfulness.

Resolutions are wonderful. They are numerous and impatient and all need to happen January 1st! Don’t get me wrong, It is great to try to remove things that are harmful to our bodies while adding exercise and a healthy eating plan. But I think before making radical changes to our lifestyle, we need to spend a little time on what the resolutions are built upon to be long-term and eventually adopted as habit.

Right before I sat down to write this I watched the special on the new 2015 HGTV Dream Home Giveaway. Gorgeous! Built in Martha’s Vineyard and the best yet in my opinion. The special started by showing how they built the BEYOND home from a strong, solid foundation. How fitting! For our New Year’s resolutions to be successful, to build the body/job/life of our dreams, we need our own foundation. We need to OWN our foundation. And just like a shotty house topples without a solid foundation, so will our resolutions.

Spring and Chelsea

Building a dream house or a dream body both start with a solid foundation. Photo of HGTV 2015 Dream Home via

Too many people go into the New Year with the vigor but not the mental stamina. I think this Change Foundation is made up of three things: Self-Acceptance, an Environment that fosters change and Discipline. Working on these three things in tandem with your resolutions will improve the odds of sticking with your resolutions longer, but just as important, feeling good about yourself while working on positive change.

Chelsea Charles of Spring and Chelsea

These three steps create a Change Foundation to support resolutions.

Self-Acceptance: Why are you trying to change yourself? Is it because you don’t think of yourself as smart, pretty, thin, talented enough? Our personal concept of self is based on what happened in the past (dwelling and regret) and what we hope to happen in the future. However, nothing that is based upon the concept of time will bring long-lasting satisfaction. In order to get this element of our Change Foundation strong we need to be accepting and kind to who we are now…at this moment. If we do this then positive change (resolutions) are the icing to an already happy life instead of the key to happiness.

Environment: To help achieve a strong Change Foundation you need to create an environment that reduces unhealthy choices, adapts to your need for structure and gives you time to establish healthy habits. Oh…and it has to be forgiving. Wow, it’s kind of like a great partner. Part of creating a great environment is surrounding yourself with positive people who believe you will succeed with your new healthy lifestyle. No time for haters. Other ways to create an environment conducive of positive change is to get your workout room organized, your pantry stocked with whole food staples and throwing out your triggers (alcohol, candy stash, etc). Steam-lining your environment makes discipline soooo much easier.

Discipline: I’m sure you’ve heard that discipline is like a muscle. The more you exercise it the stronger it gets. But…when you exercise, you also get sore, tired and in the case of discipline you loose resolve. Once you have made peace with yourself (self-acceptance) and created a space that reduces unhealthy options and negativity (environment)  you will be able to exercise your discipline easier while also “resting” your discipline without feeling like it’s the end of the world.

I’m going to be using these three things to help build the foundation for my 2015 goals. Look for New Year, New You posts all January, including my healthy mom guest post for the incredible recipe blog later this month and my partnership giveaway with S’well Bottle. Cheers to an incredible 2015! xx CC


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