Baxter Skeletons: These Wicked Clever Halloween Decorations Are A Must See!

baxter skeletons 2015

baxter skeletons super soakerBaxter Skeletons Construction

Halloween decorations are insane this year! Entire houses are covered in black & orange lights, inflatable boat-sized lawn figures, gigantic spiders covering entire roofs.  I love this spirit, but there is one house in our neighborhood whose decorations are elevated to art-form. They are so creative, so detailed and entertaining that they have captured the attention of The Today Show, MSNBC and every local news station in The Carolinas.


Called the Baxter Skeletons, this wispy-framed family of father, mother, child, cat & dog skeletons (Fang and Scaredy-10) are posed in a different, elaborate scene daily. I pass this house on my jog every day so I’ve been able to see the ornate, complex scenes first hand throughout October.

Baxter Skeletons Spring and Chelsea

I am blown away by how clever and fun these displays are that I wanted to share them with you. I spoke with the creator of The Baxter Skeletons, Steve Miller, about his incredible skeleton scenes:

CC: How did you come up with the idea?

Steve: It started last year and just kind of grew. Last year wasn’t nearly as elaborate, but as the fans grew, so did the intricacy of the scenes.

CC: How long does it usually take you to create one scene? When do you find the time?

Steve: Anywhere from 3 1/2 hours to 5 hours. I work at night.

Baxter Skeletons Spring and Chelseabaxter skeletons picnicing

CC: Wow! Do you have a calendar where you plot out your daily scenes?

Steve: I have a scratch notebook and my mind will just race with ideas and I jot them down. There is the base structure of the scene, the details and then deciding how I’m going to re-purpose props & things we have around our home so the details really pop. Like when we did the DJ Scene, we spray painted pizza boxes for the turn tables. Or the scene today where the skeletons are eating breakfast, we customized the labels and used syrup and juice bottles from the house.

Baxter Skeletons Spring and Chelsea

CC: Is that a real fridge?

Steve: Yes, for this breakfast scene we rented an appliance hauler and I took the fridge from the garage and put it on our porch.

Baxter Skeletons Spring and Chelsea

CC: Do you have any training in this?

Steve: No, but I’m a graphic designer. I had a little experience in the display department at Belk, but it was before college so I was just doing the heavy lifting, not the creative.

CC: Are you taking scene requests?

Steve: Funny you should ask. We had a girl who is a huge fan of the Baxter Skeletons and she told us it would be the best birthday present ever if we would pose the skeletons at a party on her special day. So we did, complete with hats, a cake, games. She even made a birthday card for the skeleton to hold. We were also asked to do a scene depicting a 5k race in the neighborhood to raise awareness for Dravet Syndrome.

Baxter Skeletons Spring and Chelsea

CC: That is incredible. What scene are you thinking for tomorrow?

Steve: You will just have to come back and see.

So we did! And it was so cool. Skeletons hangin 10 complete with bathing suits, blue water, & waves made out of spray foam insulation. Camden LOVED it…

hang10Chelsea Charles of Spring and Chelsea

Here are a few more of my favorite scenes (can you tell I’m a fan)? I’m like a skeleton groupie.

Baxter Skeletons X-Ray Spring and ChelseabaxterskeletonswatchingtvBaxter Skeletons Spring and Chelseacarving pumpkins

If you want to see the Baxter Skeletons in person, drive by 3321 Richards Crossing in Fort Mill, SC or to check out all of The Baxter Skeleton’s scenes, follow their facebook and Instagram (super clever captions about each scene too). I have also posted a couple of my favorite scenes on my Instagram. – xx CC


  1. Michelle Charles says

    I love this. They could go on forever with ideas for this. All of these are so clever. So much more fun to look at than you typical tombstones and ghosts. Great job.

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