Need Motivation Stat? Take a Pre-Workout Photo

Small healthy changes repeated over and over again are what will change our bodies in time for summer weather.

Sometimes it is seriously difficult to get motivated to hit the gym. So Tip #28 is a little inspirational mind trick. Whenever I feel like backing out of my workout at the last second, I snap a picture of my exercise room, equipment or running shoes and send it to my sister, Arianne. I write something like, “About to get my sweat on.” If I back out after taking a photo and declaring my workout, I feel like a total hypocrite (and she calls me one)! The photo just keeps me a little more accountable. Make sure you send the photo to someone who is motivational and works out as well (they know what you are going through).  Usually my sis will write back something like, “go go go!” or “You got this! Go kill this workout!” Actually, if your motivation is flagging, take a pre-workout pic and tag me on Instagram @cc_jewelry. I’ll send you a positive message right back.

Chelsea Charles

This is me at 6 am taking a pic of my workout room. Time to get moving!



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