Stop Snacking While Watching TV

Small healthy changes repeated over and over again are what will change our bodies in time for summer weather.

TV is evil when it comes to weight-loss because it is a gateway for mindless eating. For many, it’s the first time of the day that we don’t have to think. There are no executive decisions to be made or pressures from work.  It’s so easy to get lost in “your shows” and on days when you don’t have your favorite programs, you watch shows you don’t really enjoy (like reruns of Beach Front Bargain Hunt you’ve already seen). And with the habit of sitting in front of the TV every night, comes the habit of snacking while watching.

Such a simple change can save hundreds of calories a week.

Such a simple change can save hundreds of calories a week.

This one is VERY hard for me. I am a terrible night snacker. Sometimes I wonder if I’m part raccoon. In order to minimize the damage, I’ve found I can still have a snack if I don’t eat while I’m watching TV. I tell myself I have to sit down at the table without iPad or phone (scary, right?). Same holds true for any liquid calories. By the time you get to the couch, the only thing you should be chewing is gum.

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