5 Top Tips to Save a 1000 Calories (or More) on Super Bowl Sunday

I’m so looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday. The commercials! The food!  With so much excitement it’s easy to lose track of how much you are eating. It’s okay to indulge now and then, but people can pack on 1 lb worth of calories on Super Bowl noshing throughout the day!

Here are my top 5 tips to cut calories while keeping the fun in your Superbowl Bash.

Say No to Processed Snacks

Always try to eat Real Food in its most natural state. This means no bagged chips, white flour foods (like crescent rolls and crackers) and candy. Keeping this rule top-of-mind will save you hundreds of calories on Superbowl Sunday. One of my favorite substitutes for crackers and bread when dipping are mini Sweet Peppers. You get the crunch without the extra calories and foreign ingredients that come along with processed snacks.

Mini Sweet Peppers have a really satisfying crunch. A healthy alternative to chips or crackers when dipping

Mini Sweet Peppers have a really satisfying crunch. A healthy alternative to chips or crackers when dipping.

Burn to Earn

Earn some calories to spend later in the day by doing 20-30 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). You can workout in 5 minute segments in between prepping the food and getting the house ready for party guests. For more detail on HIIT, check out wellness coach, Susie Rahaim’s latest guest post.  (Calories Banked 250-350)

Choose Grilled Protein over Fried. Every Time!

Wings are my favorite, I can’t lie. But they are so fattening. Two wings have almost 200 calories and then add the blue cheese dipping sauce (175 calories for 2 tbsp) and you’ve already eaten 400 calories. Grill up some chicken with Italian dressing or a soy-lime marinade for a satisfying substitute.

Same holds true with shrimp. A shrimp cocktail is one of the lightest calorie options on every menu. If you are reducing your sugar, substitute the cocktail sauce for a spicy mustard or salsa (my next tip)! Have your protein before grazing the rest of the appetizers so you will feel more satiated.

* Quick tip on preparing a shrimp cocktail. If you purchase frozen shrimp and then thaw to serve, make sure you rinse them well once completely thawed. Then gently pat them with a paper towel to remove any access water.

When Dipping, Choose Salsa

Any dip with cheesy or creamy in the title is a fat trap. Swap out for salsa or a Reduced Guilt Dip from Trader Joes (I like the guacamole and the spinach dip, both made with Greek yogurt).

Drink Overhaul

We all have our go-to drinks, but if you are over 24 and still drinking Rum & Cokes, Pina Coladas, Cosmos, or some other drink with fruit juice it is time to stop. Not only will the sugar age you, it will make you so much more susceptible to overeating! The sugar and alcohol mixed together go right to your brain, releasing your food inhibitions. Instead, drink light beer or my go-to, vodka with soda and a ton of lime.

If you have one of my Count Me Healthy bracelets, use it to count your apps or drinks on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s a beautiful way to reinforce the self-control you work so hard at the rest of the week! – CC

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