Holiday Season Fit Tip #1: Start on Sunday

I’m already in the holiday spirit big time. We all know that holidays mean family, food, and an overflowing schedule. It’s important during this time, when we are eating more and trying to be the perfect mother, wife, hostess, & “fill in the blank,” that we don’t abandon all of the healthy habits we’ve worked hard to follow throughout the year. This season, I’m going to offer a few of the tips I follow to stay sane and feel good about myself.

I try to workout 4-6 times a week. If I consistently do this, I feel powerful and positive. Getting 4-6 workouts in a week takes mental dedication (especially after having my son) and I’m not ashamed to admit some weeks I miss the mark.

Here is the tip. Start your workout week on a Sunday. Starting your workout week on a Monday sets you up for failure. Mondays are allocated for all of the deadlines that feel more important than your workout at the time. I know Sunday is known as the Day of Rest, but it doesn’t even have to be a gym workout. Go run outside, play tennis, hike. A huge plus is that you already have one of the 4-6 workouts finished before the week even starts. All you have to do is 3-4 more before the end of the week. It’s totally a mental thing, but it works for me.

I created Count Me Healthy bracelets to be a stylish reminder of the health goals we set for ourselves on a daily and weekly basis. I use one of my bracelets to count my workouts per week. The magic number for me is 5. Five beads moved over. If I get 6…even better.

Count Me Healthy Color Bracelets by Chelsea Charles

A few of my new Count Me Healthy Color Wrap bracelets. Photo courtesy of Lindsay Napiorkowski

We are launching a new Color Collection this holiday. More casual and sporty than my gold, rose and sterling cuff collection. Perfect to wear with your transitional workout wear and to count your workouts. It will be available in six colors with sterling silver, Gold and Rose Gold beads on November 15th. Look for it on – CC

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