Friday Finds – Basketweave Wall Art

So we’ve moved into this house with inviting walls begging for art! I’m finally getting around to hanging these beautiful works by Charla Wilkerson that I found at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town Alexandria, VA. The Art Center really was a Torpedo factory which has been re-purposed into three floors of independent art studios. Charla’s images are made of ombred stock, woven and then matted. Hers are gorgeous, inventive and I’m guessing that the ombred element (her signature) took a really long time. I wanted to share these with you because I love them, but I also think that creating your own matted woven creation (sans ombre) is a really cost effective DIY for your walls that is different from framing a print or fabric. Just choose the color scheme you want, cut thick paper stock into strips and then weave. Use a foam board as your base. Once you are done, space the finished weave out into different patterns and then add a pre-cut mat (available at Michael’s or any craft store). You do not need to frame. You can adhere to the wall using mounting tape.  I’m going to try a gray, bright yellow and black for Camden’s room.  – CC


Charla Wilkerson Wall Art

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