My Healthy Pregnancy Comforts

I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy–37 weeks today!  I was reflecting on some of the things that personally made my pregnancy more comfortable and enjoyable so far. I realize each woman’s cravings, aches, and routines are unique during this special time, but thought I’d share mine just in case you wanted to try them. I should probably also include a blog on my not so healthy cravings and indulgences (Wendy’s frosty and buffalo chicken wings anyone?).

Skin Maintenance

For acne: My skin changed drastically during about the 3rd month. To keep acne away, I changed my soap to Cetaphil for my face and Trader Joes’ Teatree Oil Soap for body. Tea Tree oil has antimicrobial properties and gentle on the skin.

For stretch marks: About 7 years ago I was going to a masseuse with the most amazing skin. Her secret….Emu oil. Yep, the same animals that provide the thick wool for Australian sweaters are also known for their oil. I’ve used Emu oil throughout my pregnancy on my belly, thighs, etc. I use Bio oil on my face at night.

Emu Oil is great for the body and face

For hyperpigmentation: The hormones really change the coloring of your face. To combat this, I use Skinceuticals Phloretin CF in the morning and liquid Vitamin C at night. I actually notice changes on my face if I don’t include the Skinceuticals for a couple of days.


lumbar pillow. This poor rabbit fur pillow is similar to the blanket I used to carry around and silk when I was a toddler. Every mama-to-be needs “her pillow” to protect and prop up her spine as her weight starts to propel her forward when she’s sitting.

my rabbit fur lumbar pillow

An amazing masseuse who specializes in pregnancy massage: Look for this person early on in your pregnancy. I know it is a splurge but as the extra weight causes alignment issues and can really ruin your day. I was fortunate enough to find two (Meg and Darryl) from Zen Massage in Charlotte, NC.

Walking and stretching. I’ve worked out 3-5 days a week throughout my entire pregnancy. Walking just makes me feel good. Very important to stretch afterward though.

Foam Roller: You can get these at Target for about $20. They work on the pressure points and really help to loosen lower back muscles.


Dannon Black Cherry Greek yogurt: I make this whipped concoction of Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, whipped cream and flax meal. Might sound gross, but I’ve heard of pregnant women craving stranger things. I love it and eat it almost daily. It gives me extra protein, calcium and Omega 3 (from the flax meal), which is so important for baby’s brain during the third trimester.

I love black cherry Greek yogurt

Lemon water with liquid stevia: Any drink with tons of sugar, artificial colors and flavors (especially aspartame and dyes) are huge no-no’s during this time. This homemade lemonade satisfied my craving for a sweet drink

Peanut Butter Kashi Bars: They are filling, wonderful and 5 grams of sugar. I have one every day (okay, sometimes two).

Lentil Chips: Different brands are popping up all over. I like the Simply 7 and Mediterranean Snacks brands.


Black leggings: For anyone who knows me, this is my uniform.

MM6 sheath dress: I have gotten so much use out of this. I recommend purchasing a form-fitting (not tight) sheath that covers your derriere that you can wear with boots, heels, vests, scarves, and will grow with your expanding belly. Again, there are certain things I will splurge on, high-end sheath dresses in dark colors are one of them.

Chelsea Charles in MM6 sheath dress and Max Azria scarf vest

Chelsea Charles in MM6 sheath dress and Max Azria scarf vest

Bras with no underwire. It is nice to wear a sexy pushup because you are so much more endowed during pregnancy (play up the assets). However, baby started to nest right under my rib cage at about 5 months and the underwire prevented me from breathing normally. Beautiful lingerie is supposed to make my man short of breath…not me.

My Count Me Healthy bracelets (sexy stack): I wear it daily and push a bead over for every week. Here is me at 36 weeks! Time to put on a 4th. Also, you’ll notice that they don’t need to be moved completely over to one side. I like to push them together at the top of the bracelet for a really polished look.

Chelsea Charles sexy stack of CMH bracelets. 36 beads for 36 weeks pregnant

Chelsea Charles sexy stack of CMH bracelets. 36 beads for 36 weeks pregnant

Max Azria wrap sweaters: Throw and go. Even if your stomach gets super large, you are covered and looking stylish to boot. Actually, it emphasizes your stomach and makes the rest of your frame appear smaller…swear.

Liz Lange tank tops from Target in neutral colors. Wonderful! They are long, have a sexy neckline, aren’t tight in the arms and wash well.

and the biggest support during my entire pregnancy….an understanding partner.  xo CC

Geoff Koch and Chelsea Charles

My understanding man, Geoff Koch


  1. Ash says

    Ah! This was great! This is great advice even if you’re not carrying a little bun in the oven (:

  2. Melanie Bowen says


    I have a question about your blog, could you please email me? Thanks!!


  3. says

    “Bras with no underwire” Heck yes!
    Love your post, all pregnant women should follow these guidelines for a healthy pregnancy!

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