What does Lauren Conrad count using her CMH bracelets?

Lauren Conrad is one of those talented, rare women who has created a brand empire instead of resting on her initial fame like so many girls seem to do. She has written numerous books, established successful clothing and accessory lines in major department stores, has a website with super engaging content (I liken it to GP’s GOOP–which I adore) and is serious about staying fit.

One of Lauren Conrad's many popular books

One of Lauren Conrad's many popular books

Recently, we partnered with her and her team to do a giveaway for some of our CMH styles, including a Sexy Stack, which she wears. I wanted to share what she is counting titled “Loving this health diary bracelet,” from her website LaurenConrad.com.

“I recently learned about this really cool jewelry company called Count Me Healthy that makes “the first beautiful health journal for your wrist.” The bracelets are gorgeous and I love the idea behind them. Basically, you start with all the beads on one side of the bracelet and on as you achieve a health goal, you move a bead over. Health goals can be anything from drinking 8 glasses of water a day to hitting the gym 5 days a week or even how many servings of fruits and veggies you’ve had… Or you can count how many times you’ve followed my Bikini Boot Camp plan throughout the week! I love the concept (and the bracelet) and am definitely planning on counting my water consumption since I often get so busy during the day that I forget to properly hydrate myself.” – Lauren Conrad

Count Me Healthy "Sexy Stack" in gold, rose and silver by Chelsea Charles

Count Me Healthy "Sexy Stack" Lauren wears in gold, rose gold and silver

If you would like to enter the contest or view the entire post, visit here.

I highly recommend following her on Pinterest (she has over 221,000 followers) and visiting her site. Lauren offers useful health, beauty and fitness tips daily and the content is divided up into categories such as “Wear, Primp, Celebrate, Dine, Grow and Decorate.”  Here is an example of the cool, healthy info you will find:

Lauren Conrad's 10 flat belly foods

Lauren Conrad's 10 flat belly foods

Have a beautiful, healthy and stress-free week! – CC

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